Voices Of Pre-Fall: Indya Moore

Creating space for herself and the Black trans community.

V MAGAZINE What’s your goal for 2020?

IM I mean, my goal for this year is definitely to listen more unbiasedly, even when I’m in the face of critique. I think that is something that I’ve had trouble with, especially with my rising social capital. I internalize critique really deeply, and I think it’s because I’ve experienced most of my life being critiqued as a Black trans person coming from foster care. I carry a lot of trauma around the ways critique has caused violence in my life, so I think just navigating critique on a larger scale.

VM What are your plans for the summer?

IM My summer plans are to work hard for myself and others, communities that are really important to me and marginalized communities, particularly Black transwomen. I want to continue to learn as much as I can about the people that I care about and how I can apply my values in ways that work for marginalized communities. And, you know, l want to look for ways to leverage my resources and also to have fun, to take breaks for myself and to be ok and comfortable with taking space for myself.

Indya wears Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.
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