VROOM VROOM: Aston Martin DBX Gets a German Tuning

LUMMA Design reworks the British SUV.

The German tuning company, LUMMA Design known for their stylish refinement of cars is reworking the the Aston Martin DBX. Limited to 20 conversion units, the new SUV will have a completely altered body inside and out. Meet the new luxury Lumma CLR AM.

Like a machine from the ‘80s the customized British SUV is all about opulent design. Just one look at the front section shows extensive modifications. The front spoiler blade, bonnet air intakes and front grille frame have been redesigned by the manufacturer—produced from precisely processed visible carbon. The aerodynamic diffuser has also been redesigned and there is now a 3-part spoiler lip and a new roof spoiler to complete the look. The new side skirts, side skirt trims and wing trims give the shape an overall wider impression. 

The carbon fibre material is also used widely in the interior: Carbon interior trims, an ergonomically optimised steering wheel with carbon inserts and carbon pedal pads. 

Expected to be available from the 4th quarter 2020. Prices have not yet been established.



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