VROOM VROOM: Maserati Steps Back Into the Race-Course with The MC20

The Italian car magnate looks to a new age of race cars with their launch.

Maserati heralds themselves into a new era of cars with power and speed with their new MC20. Launched last month in Modena, Italy, MC stands for Maserati Corse, meaning Maserati Racing. 

The Italian car company moves from its luxurious sporty identity to its racing origins. The MC20 prides simplistic elegance and pure power over cruising and appearance. There are less exposed parts visible, beyond the brand’s signature logo and the exposed carbon fiber in the lower part. The car is simply colored with black and a blue iridescent tone the company calls “Blue Infinito.”

The engine is the real showstopper for Maserati. It’s a V6 twin turbo petrol engine with Formal 1 technology (which they call “Nettuno”), all of which allow it to achieve maximum racing capabilities (and give it the oddly comforting “hum” sound). It’s the first engine entirely produced at the Maserati Modena plant in over 20 years.

The interiors maintain the same level of comfort and luxury that Maserati has come to be known for, with a racing and utility-driven approach. The interiors consist of only the essentials to keep the driving experience practical and simple. It’s also fully digitized, similar to a tablet, allowing for greater control.

The MC20 will be available in convertible and electric versions. Vehicles are available for order now, to be delivered by Fall 2021.

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