Vroom Vroom: Newron Motors EV-1 Bike

A state-of-the-art bike crafted entirely from wood.

French motorcycle manufacturer Newron Motors just released a futuristic electric bike crafted primarily from an unlikely source: wood. 

Both an artistic masterpiece and a technological marvel, the brand’s EV-1 boasts body panels constructed out of a chosen premium wood, ranging from ebony, red cedar, oak, and white ash. The front and rear end of the wooden panels are connected in the center by a state-of-the-art battery pack, which has a long-lasting range of 186 miles, and has the ability to be charged up to 80 percent in only 40 minutes thanks to its CCS fast-charging plug. On top of its outstanding speed and battery life performance, the EV-1 also includes different technological features such as smartphone connection with a specific app, on-bike GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. 

While the images may resemble concepts, the Newron Motors EV-1 is actually available now for pre-orders, with a release date estimated in 2021. Make a quick decision, though, because only 12 bikes will be made at the price of €60,000. Take a look at the different iterations in the brand’s Instagram post, below.

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