Vroom Vroom: Tesla Model 3 Ventilators Now In The Works

The Silicon Valey car manufacturer released a video of its engineering team testing a newly-developed prototype.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has just released a video revealing that its engineering division is now testing out a newly-developed ventilator prototype. Primarily made from Tesla Model 3 car parts to save critical components for the medical industry, the working prototype pumps the hospital-grade oxygen into a Tesla mixing chamber where it passes through a wall body and a set of Model 3 sensors.

In a video guides the viewers through the packaged version of the entire system, which is controlled by Tesla 3’s infotainment touchscreen and regulated with Model 3’s computer. Thanks to a backup system with a car battery, oxygen tank and air compressor, the patient can be moved unplugged for up to 40 minutes. The team admits that there is still a lot of work to be done in perfecting the much-needed life-saving machine.

Hospitals around the country and the world are currently facing severe ventilator shortages, with the national stockpile expected to be fully depleted within days. New York state has received some welcome and unexpected relief from China this past Saturday: the country’s government has facilitated a shipment of 1,000 ventilators that were expected to arrive at JFK International Airport within hours.

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