V's Class of 2018: Pierre-Ange Carlotti

V's Class of 2018: Pierre-Ange Carlotti


V's Class of 2018: Pierre-Ange Carlotti

We sat down with French photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti and he told us about his dreams.

We sat down with French photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti and he told us about his dreams.

Text: Staff

Self-aware, innocent, raunchy and raw, Pierre-Ange Carlotti gained a following by photographing for the likes of Zadig & Voltaire. But the French artist has cultivated his image on his ability to turn the camera into a personal journal. His work forces the individual to evaluate, what is this and how does this make me feel? Read on as the photographer opens up about his successes, challenges, and the issues he cares about.

What's your vision for the industry you work in for 2018?

It needs to shine.

What's the best advice you've ever received and why?

I’ve been told recently that nothing is irreplaceable, I try to remember myself to get over things.

What social/political issues or causes resonate with you most, and why?


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far? How did you overcome it?

I feel like I didn’t live my biggest challenge yet.

How did you get your start?

Something did change in June 2014 when I did my first exhibition "Bored and Naked."

How do you define success for yourself? Is it different than happiness?

Success might be to stick to what you truly are and get some people to appreciate that. I’m not proud of anything I didn’t do with my guts. That also can make you happy.

When and where do you feel most creative?

I’m certainly the most stimulated when I’m living a romance when I take pictures of someone I'm in love with.

Who is your dream collaborator, in any field (music, art, fashion, etc.) and what kind of project would you love to do with this person?

I’ve always wanted to work with Rihanna on a book, or whatever, but something personal. I sincerely love her. And I need to meet Kristen Stewart anytime soon, I have stuff to talk about with her. In the end I realize girls are very important in my life, women are always more loyal to me.

Where do you want to be professionally in 5 years? In 10 years?

The only thing that matters for me in the near future is to write and shoot a movie, if this happens during the next five years I will be pleased.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job(s)?

Some dreams do come true and rarely you meet amazing persons.


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