V’s New Music Round-Up

V’s New Music Round-Up

V’s New Music Round-Up

Here are some of the best and biggest releases of the week

Here are some of the best and biggest releases of the week

Text: Ahad Sanwari

Hello and welcome! Are we missing the company of the great outdoors and the people that come with it? Need at least someone’s voice in your ear, whispering sweet nothings, even if it’s through a playlist? Then welcome to V’s new music round-up, where we tune you into some of the week’s biggest and best releases, whether they be singles or albums.

Here are this week’s top picks:

FLOWERS FOR VASES/descansos by Hayley Williams

Image credits: Atlantic

The surprise album has become a veritable staple of the popular music scene, evidenced by Hayley Williams’ second album dropping the same way last night. Recorded during quarantine, the album continues on the singer’s personal journey through sorting out her feelings through music, telling distinctly different stories with each song.

Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

Image credits: RCA/Roswell

Foo Fighters depart from their usual harder rock sound to adopt a more radio-friendly, pop-leaner that’ll definitely put them on the radar for a wider audience. Their newest album features more groovy, sing-along rock rather than the head-banging, head-smashing, neck-breaking rock they usually strive for. Can’t not be into change, though.

Ventura by Sofía Valdés

Image credits: Julian Burgueño

Panamanian singer Valdés’ debut EP reads as a progression of a person into adulthood, learning to come to terms with their feelings. The tracks make her influences clear, those being British folk and Motown grooves. But it’s when she pairs down and allows her voice and words to shine, such as on the track “Lonely,” that she really showcases her raw talent. Definitely an EP that deserves more than six tracks.

“2021” reinterpretations by Vampire Weekend

Image credits: Sony Music

Vampire Weekend is starting their 2021 off with two reinterpretations of the same track from their previous album in a new EP called 40:42. In one corner, we have Connecticut rock quintet Goose, with a take that is essentially an extended version of the original, steeped in the band’s usual sound. And in the other corner, jazz saxophonist Sam Gendel, delivering a polar opposite that is extra-terrestrial-coming-through-your-TV levels of weird production that only Vampire Weekend can capably pull off. And each new version is over 20 minutes long, might I add.

“Up” by Cardi B

Back with more bars that you can’t stop listening to, even as they make you blush, Cardi B is on a definite roll with her newest single, “Up.” A generally upbeat track with more of the sound effects (a train horn, for your pleasure) that made “WAP” such a smash, there’s no doubt that “Up” is another capable showcase of Cardi’s boundless confidence.

“Pressure” by Martin Garrix ft. Tove Lo

Garrix’s first release since May of 2020 features Tove Lo’s almost conversational vocal stylings to a beat that’s not very Martin Garrix at all. He goes a darker and more subdued route while still employing the minimal beat drops that made his first smash “Animals” such a hit. It’s a more robotic, eerier take to his usual sound that definitely suggests versatility.

“Floating Through Space” by Sia and David Guetta

Coming from her upcoming album, Music, Sia partners up with frequent collaborator Guetta to deliver a song that really could feel like you’re floating through space. It’s clear why the two work together so often, Guetta understands the kind of production that works for Sia’s voice and has the music play along with it, creating another effortless collab.

“American Cliché” by FINNEAS

When not producing for Billie Eilish, FINNEAS ends up showcasing a lot more diverse musicianship, including on this big track. I say “big” because the horns, all the brassware, the beats, the lyrics, the vocals, all are larger than life and feel distinctly like they belong in an American in Paris era of music. However, don’t miss the minimal “bad guy”-esque beats poking through when the music drops.

“GLAM” by Allie X

Allie X knows how to produce effervescent songs that make you feel lightweight just by listening to them, even if you don’t know what they’re about. “GLAM” may be uplifting in its message, but even if it wasn’t, even if it was about your worst nightmare, like a 4 hour traffic jam, the synthpop melodies and staccato beats still leave you coming out of it feeling like a sunny day in May.

“One More” by SG Lewis ft. Nile Rodgers

A slick and effortlessly cool track, Lewis’ collaboration with the legendary Nile Rodgers implements a more futuristic take on disco that pairs nicely with everything that exploded in 2020. Rodgers, of course, pokes through with fantastic guitar work that buoys the track even higher.

“Fight for You” by H.E.R.

H.E.R.’s string of socially conscious singles continues. Her newest funk-laden song comes off the soundtrack of the soon-to-be released Judas and the Black Messiah. Already a Golden Globe nominated track, it may be speaking to a different period in time, but its message of freedom from oppression remains just as pertinent today.


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