V’s New Music Round-Up

V’s New Music Round-Up


V’s New Music Round-Up

Here are some of the best and biggest releases of the week

Here are some of the best and biggest releases of the week

Text: Ahad Sanwari

Hello and welcome! Tried your at-home workouts a little too hard this week, did you? Need something to take your mind off the soreness in your bones (or the lack thereof, for couch potatoes like me)? Then welcome to V’s new music round-up, where we tune you into some of the week’s biggest and best releases, whether they be singles or albums.

Here are this week’s top picks:

Positions (Deluxe) by Ariana Grande

Image credits: Republic

Ariana Grande capitalizes on the success of her last album, Positions, with a deluxe version that features three new tracks, the “34+35” remix, and an interlude titled “someone like u.” It carries forward the album’s sultry, R&B heavy vibe that should serve it extremely well at rhythmic and pop radio.

Oh No, Not Again! by Alexander 23

Image credits: Interscope

Alexander 23’s newest EP is an exercise in allowing your feelings to come through while still showing restraint. Each of the songs details the cycle of a deteriorating relationship that, when paired with Alexander’s lullaby-ied voice, makes you really process the lyrics. It’s lo-fi pop at its most contemplative.

“Gasoline” by HAIM ft. Taylor Swift

Carrying on from their evermore collab, “no body, no crime,” HAIM’s recruitment of Swift for their “Gasoline” remix is genius. It brings together two artists with vocals that edge on being delicately emotional while sounding all folk-rock and Americana. It’s the perfect natural progression of the works of both artists.

“Happy Endings” by Mike Shinoda ft. iann dior and UPSAHL

Although it might face competition by his “Mood” co-collaborator, iann dior, who comes in with his own collaboration with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and singer-songwriter UPSAHL. The track blends each of the artist’s personal styles well with several references to the year-that-shall-not-be-named (including Karen, of managerial fame).

“Overdrive” by Conan Gray

Gray’s first track of the year finally gets a release after being leaked back in July. Gray abandons all inhibitions on this 2010s radio pop track that would be well at home on an album or Super Bowl set by the Weeknd, Daft Punk-esque voice warp included.

“Fall” by SG Lewis

Classic rock guitar riffs and expansive synths take over this track that, weirdly enough, feels simultaneously calming yet unsettling. While “Fall,” is definitely a stripped back SG Lewis, that doesn’t leave it bare or wanting, taking its time to sink in and then waiting a while before it actually leaves.

“Caution” by KAYTRANADA

Grammy-nominated KAYTRANADA’s first 2021 release was part of TikTok’s musical campaign commemorating Black History Month. As such, it feels like a piece of history lifted from the best bits of music that ties back to that culture, in disco, funk, block party samples, all over an energetic snapback beat.

“Jealous” by Mahalia ft. Rico Nasty

It probably bodes well that this track is named “Jealous,” because you might come out of it feeling extremely envious of the sensuously confident appeal that Mahalia and Rico Nasty exude, saddled with a twang that wouldn’t be uncommon to hear in a Spanish plaza (or a vacation in Cancun).

“Sunbathe” by Tainy and Miguel

Tainy takes a different turn from the Spanish-language Selena Gomez singles he’s been producing to deliver a silky, buttery smooth summer track with Miguel. The R&B crooner’s vocals are romantic and inviting, as if he really wants you to feel the sunshine on your skin next to him.

“The Eulogy of You and Me” by LILHUDDY

This track may be a eulogy to a relationship, but it’s more of a re-introduction to all those classic late 90s and early 2000s high school movie soundtracks you’ve been jamming out to. It has the hard edged sincerity of 2010s boy band rock while still befitting LILHUDDY’s grungier personal aesthetic.

“Intruded” by Justine Skye and Timbaland

Skye’s pure vocals elevate “Intruded” from a well-produced Timbaland track to a mellow-pop, R&B slow jam. Also, be honest, you weren’t expecting the beat drops and grand strings in there, were you? Give it up for the magic of Timbaland, everybody.

“Bombs Away” by Dessa

Part of her monthly “IDES” series, where she plans to release a single each month, “Bombs Away” shows a different side to Dessa. She leaves behind her rap persona for grander, harder balladry with soaring vocals and melancholic horns to match, delivering a towering epic of a song.

“Not That Kind of Love” by Sophia Messa

Messa has the burning potential to become a pop princess, but one strictly suited for the modern age. “Not That Kind of Love” is the kind of slow-pop, bedroom-pop, gyrate-on-the-dancefloor-pop that shows off why Messa, grounded vocal chops and all, could be one of the forerunners of the 2020s pop shift.


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