V’s New Music Round-Up

Here are some of the best and biggest releases of the week

Hello and welcome! Too bored of the cycle of “play-skip-play-rewind-play again” on your one solitary playlist? Need something to liven things up and add some freshness to the mix? Then welcome to V’s new music round-up, where we tune you into some of the week’s biggest and best releases, whether they be singles or albums.

Here are this week’s top picks:

Revelación by Selena Gomez

Image credits: Camila Falquez

Revelación continues on Gomez’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment, delivering what is probably her most personal record to date. The reggaeton and urbano influences let Gomez hit several highs and lows throughout her first Spanish-language EP while still retaining her signature sound that she’d so capably developed over Revival and Rare (sensing a trend with these names here).

Spaceman by Nick Jonas

Image credits: Anthony Mandler

Distance. Indulgence. Euphoria. Commitment.” These are the four words Jonas himself uses to describe the content on Spaceman, his fourth studio album. And the album does live up to that promise, presenting some sonically otherworldly (space-y? space-esque?) production. The sound of dissonance is quite coherently captured throughout the album and gives Jonas a worthy addition to his discography.


Image credits: YG Entertainment

ROSÉ’s debut single album features two songs that make her the second BLACKPINK member to release solo material after Jennie. While her usual fare with BLACKPINK is flashily produced and larger than life, stripping it back (and going the full English-language route) on R gives ROSÉ the chance to reflect and emote, simply letting her vocals do the work.

Once Upon a Time by CHIKA

Image credits: Warner Records

Behind CHIKA’s confident flows and unstoppable rhythm is the vulnerability of dealing with life and love that underlines her newest EP. Flitting through dreamy keys and melodies to grittier, trap-based hooks, Once Upon a Time tells the Grammy-nominated rapper’s tale through fairytales and Cinderella stories that still cut back to reality.

“Follow You/Cutthroat” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons decide to drop not one, but two new songs to tease their upcoming record. “Follow You” and “Cutthroat” represent completely opposite ends of the spectrum, one grand and uplifting, the other brooding and angsty, one is a tribute to everlasting love and the other is a self-aggrandizing taunt (can you place the pairs?).

“Slow Clap” by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani returns to her effervescent pop roots in a track scarily reminiscent of 00’s classic “Hollaback Girl” after several slower, country releases. Like “Girl,” “Slow Clap” might make you shake your head at first, might make you question a few things. But ten minutes later, it’s still in your head and makes no effort to leave, a testament to Stefani’s endurance as a hook-maker.

“All To Me” by Giveon

Giveon’s deep, soulful vocals glide over this song about singing to a woman that isn’t being treated well by her partner and who he can appreciate better. The song is a slow R&B jam that maintains a smooth and consistent rhythm and is sensual yet emotionally vulnerable at the same time.

“Show U Off” by Brent Faiyaz

Going from one appreciative offering to another, Faiyaz makes his message a little more broad. He sings about appreciating all the women in his life, whether they be familial or romantic. The opening strums and deeply rich melodies make the song feel even more wholesome, like a warm hug with strings.

“2 Times” by MASN

MASN uses “2 Times” to talk about what it feels like to give your all to a relationship and invest yourself completely, only to get a half-hearted reception and someone who clearly isn’t willing to put in the work. It’s a trap beat over a slightly eerie melody (and occasional guitar) that makes you feel for the rapper as he’s clearly not over what he’s feeling.

“Can’t Be Friends” by Flo Gallop

Gallop brings a Swedish-pop vibe to “Can’t Be Friends,” a track about falling for the wrong one. It’s perfectly fun and flirty pop, the kind that makes you leave your inhibitions and critic’s glasses back home. The thumps and guitar flicking throughout the track are bright and airy, all befitting this light-hearted kiss-off tune.

“the craziest thing i’ve ever done” by Max Leone

This lo-fi cinematic song almost feels anti-pop, going against the grain of fleetingly cheerful melodies for a darker energy. The lyrics detail the protagonist doing some crazy things, like robbing a bank, to ultimately declare that nothing beats the crazy of loving someone. 

“Cold World” by Yuki Dreams Again

The “tap-tap-tap” melody is a good encapsulation of the song that proclaims just taking a break from the everyday hustle. There’s a distinctly old school 90s hip-hop feeling to the song that especially comes out in the chorus with its higher pitched layered vocals and feel-good energy. 

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