V's New Music Round Up

V's New Music Round Up

V's New Music Round Up

Here are some of the biggest and best releases of the week.

Here are some of the biggest and best releases of the week.

Text: Ellie Beeck

Happy Friday! What a week for new music, kicking off with Queen Bey herself leaving the world speechless by dropping "Break My Soul" on Monday, and continuing to Friday, when Taylor Swift finally released "Carolina." But even beyond music's biggest stars, this week brought about plenty of indie pop tunes to dance to, and even a few sad summer anthems.

Let's get into the week's best releases, starting with Alexander 23:

Somebody's Nobody” by Alexander 23 

Image via Interscope Records.

I used to be nobody's somebody / Wander the streets, looking for company,” Alexander 23 croons on his latest track, “Somebody’s Nobody.” The introspective track finds Alexander 23 in new territory, being especially vulnerable with deeply personal lyrics, like "You used to stay at my place, now you just stay on my mind." Highlighting his vocal range, “Somebody’s Nobody” is as soft and smooth as it is powerful.  

“Then it All Goes Away” by Dayglow  

Image via AWAL Recordings America Inc.

Indie-pop band Dayglow stuck to the bubbly, breezy sound that we've come to expect from them on their newest song, "Then It All Goes Away." With a catchy bass line and punchy lyrics, “Then It All Goes Away” makes a strong case for song of the summer. It’s the first single from the band’s forthcoming third album, People in Motion. 

“Break My Soul” by Beyonce 

Image via Columbia Records.

Beyonce is back. The queen herself surprised the world when she dropped “Break My Soul” on Monday, undoubtably her response to the struggles of the past two years. She opens with the lyrics “I just fell in love and I just quit my job / I’m gonna find new drive, damn they work me so damn hard.” Despite the sometimes heavy lyrics, the song has a strong house sound and an overarching message of resilience, something we could all use right now.  

“Angry Woman” by Ashe 

Image via Mom+Pop.

“Angry Woman” by indie folk/pop singer Ashe is a fiery, bitter, and empowering song about taking back control. “Nobody likes an angry woman / I always say the things I shouldn’t / Oh what a shame my tongue’s not tied / You can do whatever you want / I’ll do whatever I like,” she sings on the chorus, backed by biting drums and a suspenseful bass line. Her impassioned pleas throughout the song make this the perfect track to scream with friends.

“Feel It All The Time” by Soccer Mommy 

Image via Loma Vista Recordings.

One of the highlights of Soccer Mommy’s new album, Sometimes, Forever, is the sunny track “Feel It All the Time.” With lyrics like “So I’m gonna drive out for the sunshine / Drown out the noise and the way I feel / But even the light is so temporary,” the song hints at the pains and confusion of growing up and feeling exhausted with life. Despite the melancholy lyrics, the song is classically upbeat indie, and maybe even a little groovy.  

“Carolina” by Taylor Swift  

Image via Taylor Swift.

Written for the upcoming film Where the Crawdads Sing, “Carolina” sees Taylor Swift at her very best: singing haunting, achingly beautiful lyrics with a soft, ethereal guitar backing. Lyrics like “I make a fist, I'll make it count / And there are places I will never, ever go / And things that only Carolina will ever know,” are both classically Swift and also entirely fitting for the film.   

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Kacey Musgraves 

Image via UMB Recordings Inc.

The latest song from the star-studded Elvis soundtrack sees country pop singer Kacey Musgraves cover “Can’t help Falling in Love.” Musgraves’ sugary-sweet voice gives the iconic song new life, transforming it into a hauntingly sad tune. The soft piano backing only adds to the emotional feel of the song.  

"die first” by Nessa Barrett  

Image via Warner Records.

TikTok star Nessa Barrett created a true sad girl anthem with “die first.” All about the fleeting nature of love, the track highlights the raw emotions of young love. “I hope I die first / Cause I don't wanna live without you / I don't wanna ever learn / How to fall asleep without you,” she sings on the chorus. die first” should prove to naysayers that Barrett, with her breathy, sweet voice, has what it takes to make it as a singer. 

“Deep in the Woods” by Hayley Kiyoko

Image via Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Following her fun and upbeat single "For the Girls,” Hayley Kiyoko delivered “Deep In The Woods,” a sultry track about connecting with someone instantly: “Baby, I / I know I met you in another life / You're unforgettable / It's like you're my dream, my déjà vu, a ghost.” The highly produced track, which comes from Kiyoko’s forthcoming album PANORAMA, is groovy and poppy, and definitely danceable.  

“Turn The Table” by Empress Of & Jim-E Stack 

Image via Major Arcana.

Speaking of danceable, Empress Of’s new album, Save Me, is filled with sharp, catchy songs that basically beg you to get up and dance. “Turn The Table” has to potential to be a true club anthem, with distorted, low fi beats and a thumping bass courtesy of producer Jim-E Stack. Catch me singing “You make me so uncouth / Miss my fountain of youth,” all summer long.  

Credits: Cover image via AWAL Recordings America Inc.


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