V's New Music Round-Up

V's New Music Round-Up

V's New Music Round-Up

Here are some of the biggest and best releases of the week.

Here are some of the biggest and best releases of the week.

Text: Ellie Beeck

Happy July! This week, I think that many of us relied on music to power us through, and luckily, the music did not disappoint. From Sabrina Carpenter officially pressing "send" on all her true inner thoughts on "Vicious," to more of Steve Lacy's groovy, soulful comeback to music, this week brought a wide-range of new songs.

Let's get into the week's biggest and best new releases, starting with "Vicious."

“Vicious” by Sabrina Carpenter  

Image via UMG Recordings.

In the latest single from her upcoming album Emails I Can't Send, Sabrina Carpenter doesn't hold back. "Oh, you're so vicious, love me then pretend you didn't / Half of me just can't resist it," she sings on the chorus, backed by a smooth guitar track. The song builds as Carpenter's passion grows, morphing into a '90s pop-inspired beat that culminates in a signature rock scream. Anyone who is at all familiar with Carpenter's drama with Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett knows exactly what these next lyrics mean: "I shoulda known all along, I was only the next one / To take your love songs as a promise." .... sounds familiar. 

“Catch Me In The Air” Rina Sawayama 

Image via Dirty Hit.

Rina Sawayama’s latest song serves as a tribute to her mom, and single parents everywhere. The song bounces between perspectives, from a mother to a daughter. “Hey there, little girl, don’t you wanna see the world? / Don’t be scared,” she opens in a mother’s POV, before switching to her own POV in the chorus, singing “Catch me in the air, the air, the air, the air, the air, the air / Mama, look at me now, I’m flying, I’m flying.” “Catch Me In The Air” highlights Sawayama’s signature blended sound that’s mostly pop, but with clear influences from both country and rock.  

“Dandelion” by Anna of the North  

Image via Elektra Records.

Anna of the North is in all her bright, poppy glory in "Dandelion," with a track full of upbeat guitar riffs and synth notes. But despite the joyful track, the lyrics are vulnerable and emotional, comparing love to the fleeting nature of dandelion: "If you love someone you should set them free / Maybe one day you'll come back to me / And you can tell me all about what you'vе seen / Dandelion flyin' in the street." Cutting through the lyrics, Anna of the North delivered a high-powered, melodic track that's perfect for long summer walks.

“Kids Are Born Stars” by Lauv 

Image via Lauv.

On “Kids Are Born Stars,” Lauv reassures his younger self that one day, he’d be a “really big star": “Girl, just kiss me, before you miss me / Said someday, I'm gonna be a really big star, uh-uh-uh / Taste the moment before it's done / Before you go and break my heart.” Through the lens of reconnecting with his inner child, the song is filled with nostalgic memories of middle school crushes and the days of AIM messages. The song is classic Lauv: upbeat, groovy, and chill.  

"Don't Feel Like Feeling Sad Today" by Yungblud

Image via Locomotion Recordings Limited.

Fresh off of a crazy performance at Glastonbury Music Festival, Yungblud released a classic pop-punk anthem, "Don't Feel Like Feeling Sad Today." The song is only 2 minutes long, but it packs in plenty of upbeat, buoyant joy. "Don't wanna go out today / I wanna lie in my bed so that I run away / From what the internet says, all the playground games / Don't feel like feeling sad today," he rasps on the chorus, which aims to celebrate positivity. For the very fitting video accompanying the track, Yungblud invited fans to come watch, creating an impromptu mob filled with water guns and happiness.

"Bad Habit" by Steve Lacy

Image via RCA Records.

Steve Lacy hits his prime ion “Bad Habit” a soulful track that shows off his psychedelic roots. “Bad Habit” follows “Mercury” as the second single from Lacy’s upcoming album, his first new release in three years. On “Bad Habit,” Lacy’s smooth vocals are backed by a groovy low-fi track filled with harmonies and instrumentals by Lacy himself. “I wish I knew, I wish I knew you wanted me,” he croons on the chorus. “Uh, can I bite your tongue like my bad habit?” 

“Don’t Come Back” by Lava La Rue  

Image via Marathon Artists.

On “Don’t Come Back,” Lava La Rue is carving their name in the sand, defining their musical sound. With deep bass lines and hypnotic melodies, the track is groovy, sexy, and low-key - but it packs a punch. "I know you're not good for me / Sometimes you make me feel nice / And then you make me feel numb and free,” they open, conjuring the all too familiar feelings of being in a toxic relationship.  

“Best I Can” by Savannah Conley  

Image via Good Partners.

Rising pop star Savannah Conley grew up in a musical family, and it shows. Her introspective, emotional lyrics propel the poppy "Best I Can," ensuring that it'll resonate with other 20-somethings and people who are just trying to figure it out. "I'm learning lessons / But you didn't wanna clean in the mess that somebody gave you / But there comes a time when drawing a line is the best thing I can do for you," she croons. With both folk and rock influences, "Best I Can" gives Conley plenty of space to show off her strong vocal range.

“Jungle” by Fred again..

Image via Atlantic Records UK.

Electric producer Fred again.. shared “Jungle,” the summer's newest club hit. The lyrics are sampled from Elley Duhé’s 2017 track “Immortal,” where she sings “Ain’t no love in the jungle.” The song has been eagerly awaited by fans of Fred again.., who spent the past few weeks teasing "Jungle” in front of festival crowds. “Jungle” represents an exploration of musical boundaries and freedom.

“Hues” by Dreamer Boy  

Image via UMG Recordings.

On his latest single, “Hues,” Dreamer Boy reflects on the lingering pain from a breakup. The brooding chorus, “The walls of my room / Changing colors and hues / You’re gone too soon / I still smell your perfume / I would rather hold on than to throw it away,” shows off Dreamer Boy’s newfound vulnerability and warm vocals. Guitar, piano, and a synthesized drum beat make this song slightly more alternative than usual for Dreamer Boy.

Step Mom” by Catie Turner  

Image via Atlantic Records.

On a blistering, tounge-in-cheek new single, Catie Turner threatens to become an ex's step-mom: "We broke up, It was messy / I got a man now with a good health plan / I’m gonna steal your dad / Be the best he ever had," she sings. "Step Mom" is a funny, fresh take on a breakup song, highlighting Turner's unique and powerful vocals. The upbeat bop follows this spring's "Nothing," which was even more high-tempo.

Credits: Cover image via UMG Recordings.


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