V’s New Music Round-Up

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

It’s Friday, which means it time for yet another new music round-up. This week felt short with the holiday, but it brought about plenty of new music, most notably from Burna Boy and The 1975 (finally). Other new releases ranged from a lead single by Canadian bedroom pop group Alvvays, to new material from up-and-comers like RYANN and Madeline the Person. Of course, the week ended with a bang in the shape of the confident, straight to the the point new single from Doechii, “Bitch I’m Nice.”

Let’s get into the week’s best releases:

“Part of the Band” by The 1975 

Image via Dirty Hit.

After a mysterious few weeks of teasing their new song, The 1975 is back with “Part of the Band,” a soft, indie-rock ballad that somehow feels both distinctly similar and totally different from their earlier stuff. Singer Matty Healy’s voice lends itself to the overly soft refrains and guitar licks, and he managed to stuff the song full of outlandish words and phrases as per usual. Most notably, the lyric: “I like my men like I like my coffee – full of soy milk and so sweet it won’t offend anybody whilst staining the pages of The Nation.” The Jack Antonoff-produced track is the lead single off of The 1975’s fifth album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language. 

“Pharmacist” by Alvvays  

Image via Polyvinyl Record Co.

“Pharmacist” by Alvvays is the kind of upbeat, bouncy, bedroom-pop song that sounds like it should be in a coming-of-age movie. With a highly produced track filled with synthy guitars and distorted kickdrums, “Pharmacist” perfectly finds the middle ground of maximalist sounds without feeling overloaded. “You know it happens all the time, it’s alright / I hear it happens all the time,” lead singer Molly Rankin sings on the chorus, setting the relaxed, upbeat tone for the song.  

“Got Me Good” by DNCE 

Image via UMG Recordings.

It’s not often that breakup songs make you want to dance, but DNCE breaks that mold with “Got Me Good.” “I can’t be that mad / Got what I was giving / Took a page from my book / Damn baby you got me good,” the band, led by Joe Jonas, sings on the catchy, head-bopping chorus. With strong guitar riffs and a groovy beat, “Got Me Good” is the perfect summer dance track.  

“Why I Broke Up with You” by Madeline the Person  

Image via Warner Records.

Rising alt-pop star Madeline the Person gets introspective and personal on “Why I Broke up with You,” a song about the painful yet liberating feeling that comes with ending a relationship. “This is why I broke up with you / Do you realize you’re too high to care?” she sings on the relatable chorus. “I’m saying this with nothing to lose / ‘cause I know that you’re not really there.” Madeline the Person’s soft voice shines on the song, which takes her in a different direction than the moody track “MEAN!” which blew up on TikTok earlier this year. 

“For my Hand” by Burna Boy feat. Ed Sheeran  

Image via Atlantic Recording Corporation.

One of the highlights of Burna Boy’s newest album, Love, Damini, is the groovy track “For My Hand” featuring Ed Sheeran. “You see through thе storm and take me as I am / Baby, it’s magic any time that we’re together / I make, I just love you and hold you for my hand,” the pair croons on the pre-chorus, which highlights their contrasting vocal ranges. The track is sultry and vibey, with Burna Boy’s classic Afro-fusion sound shining through.  

“OTT” by easy life feat. BENEE 

Image via Universal Music Operations Limited.

Easy life and BENEE teamed up for “OTT,” or “over the top,” a song about wanting to slow down and chill. The track itself does just that, with a steady drum line and low-fi beats stuck behind the pair’s strong vocals. The chorus fits the vibe of the song, with easy life singing about checking in on a friend who many have had one too many: “You’re way too OTT, wish you’d go slowly / I think you’ve had quite enough / Time to get back on the bus / You ought to keep it low-key, you were too close to OD.”  

“Competition” by Lilyisthatyou 

Image via Warner Records.

“Competition” is a groovy, anthemic track about the pressures of the music industry. “I’m so sick of competition / Trying so damn hard to fit in / Like fuck this / I deserve the throne I sit in,” Lilyisthatyou croons on the chorus. With by a woozy, overly danceable background track, “Competition” is the perfect song to scream with your girlfriends: “And you can’t tell me I ain’t / A bad bitch / And don’t you forget it.” 

“Bitch I’m Nice” by Doechii 

Image via UMG Recordings.

Doechii wants the world to know who she is on her latest track, “Bitch I’m Nice.” In just 90 seconds, she manages to switch up her flows and highlight her rap chops, all overtop a smooth, brassy track. “Woo, breathe, need a new set, new scene / Feelin‘ like a brand-new bitch, need a brand-new team / You talkin‘ to the repper, to the queen,” she raps on the groovy, confident anthem. Following her performance at the BET Awards last month, Doechii is poised for a huge year.

“Spilling” by RYANN  

Image via RYANN.

On “Spilling,” up-and-coming singer songwriter RYANN tries to hold on to the honeymoon phase of a relationship as it fizzles out. “Lets just stay somewhere you and me / Far from that bite of reality / I’m not letting those teeth sink in, sink in, sink in / Won’t pace myself or try slow it down,” she sings over the upbeat track, laced with drums and guitars. RYANN’s sweet, airy vocals and poppy sound make her perfectly poised to become the next big indie-pop girl.

“Third Wheel” by Zoe Wees  

Image via Universal Music Operations Limited.

“Third Wheel” follows a relationship in which one party is still obsessed with their ex, making Zoe Wees feel like the third wheel in her own relationship: When I’m with you I’m the third wheel / It’s the worst deal, I / And I’m feeling kind of lonely / When she’s on your mind.” Despite the lyrics, the song is infectious and upbeat, with a powerful, anthemic chorus. Like all her music does, “Third Wheel” highlights 20-year-old Wees’ stunningly unique voice.  

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