V’s New Music Roundup: BLACKPINK, Noah Cyrus, and more

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

New Friday, new music! It’s time for yet another New Music Roundup, and this week is a doozy. With new albums from Rina Sawayama, BLACKPINK, Tai Verdes, Bazzi, and so many more, there’s a whole lot of music to listen to. 

Let’s get into this week’s best releases: 

“Frankenstein” by Rina Sawayama

Image courtesy of Dirty Hit

Two years after releasing her smash-hit “SAWAYAMA,” Rina Sawayama returns with a more polished take on her grunge-pop sound in new album “Hold the Girl.” The album is fun, it’s retro, and it effortlessly recaptures that magic. For those hankering for just a bit more of the “XS” vibe, give “Frankenstein” a try. 

“Shut Down” by BLACKPINK

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

What can’t BLACKPINK do? The K-Pop girl group returns with yet another hit album, instructing us to “shut it down.” All it takes is one more “BLACKPINK in your area” and you’re hooked. Plus, a feature from V138 cover star, Lalisa!

“Northern Attitude” by Noah Kahan

Image courtesy of Mercury Records/Republic Records

The folk-pop singer who struck fame with “Stick Season” comes back for round two with follow-up single “Northern Attitude,” once again harnessing the power of poetic lyricism. The artistry seems unmatched, with Kahan belting out, “If I get too close / And I’m not how you hoped / Forgive my northern attitude / Oh, I was raised out in the cold.”

“Talking to Yourself” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Image courtesy of School Boy/Interscope Records

Sometimes you just need a pop banger. Carly Rae Jepsen has a certain way of capturing this pop indulgence, never overcomplicating the issue. In a world where it seems everyone wants to make their statement, it’s utterly refreshing to hear Carly Rae Jepsen just having fun. 

“Clyde & Bonnie” by Tai Verdes

Image courtesy of Fourth Wall LLC

If you haven’t heard of Tai Verdes, you’ve almost certainly heard his music on TikTok. Verdes has a way of crafting joyous, heart-warming songs that still don’t feel weightless. His newest album “HDTV” certainly has some highs and lows, but “Clyde & Bonnie” holds strong. The song is simple, drawing you in and asking you to have a good time. 

“Lost in the Simulation” by Bazzi

Image courtesy of Atlantic Records Group

For those of you who haven’t listened to Bazzi in some time, now is the time to revisit him. Bazzi’s newest album “Infinite Dream” effortlessly recreates the splendor of his early hits. “Lost in the Simulation” is a highlight, with Bazzi hitting it head-on in his lyrics: “Vibes are impeccable / Ain’t it incredible?”

“Unfinished” by Noah Cyrus

Image courtesy of Records Label, LLC

Noah Cyrus’s sense of lyricism and emotionality pulsates through her new album, “The Hardest Part.” “Unfinished” is a highlight with its devastating words: “I’ve got a slideshow inside my head / Of ‘might’ve done’s’ and ‘what could’ve been’s’ / If it’s a purely hypothetical love / Tell me why I gotta miss it so much?”

“I Think I’m Growing?” by FLETCHER

Image courtesy of Snapback Entertainment LLC

If you’re on Twitter, you know all about FLETCHER’s “Becky’s So Hot” drama. Well, now that the full album is here, it’s clear that there’s much more nuance to the situation than its Bella Thorne music video. Be sure to check out the album’s 1.5-minute snippet of true emotional reckoning, “I Think I’m Growing?”

“Backstage Passes” by EST Gee feat. Jack Harlow

Image courtesy of CMG/Interscope Records

If there was one thing we didn’t expect out of a new EST Gee album, it’s a Jack Harlow redemption arc. After his album “Come Home The Kids Miss You” landed with a thud, many doubted his rap abilities. Still, his feature on EST Gee’s “Backstage Passes” does much to rehabilitate his name and demonstrate his skill. 

“DRAMA QUEEN by Odunsi (The Engine)

Image courtesy of Odunsi (The Engine)

Nigerian singer/rapper Odunsi (The Engine) should be on everyone’s must-watch list. His newest EP “Denim” represents all that talent that lies below, featuring an infectious sense of groove and genuinely inspiring lyrics like “Can’t suffer for nothing, I put diamonds on my throat / Had to feel the pressure had to do it on my own.”

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