V’s New Music Roundup: iann dior, Daniel Caesar, and more

V’s new music Friday picks for the first week of April

April! What? Time is moving too fast! If, similar to myself, you are also spiraling about the fleeting passage of time this year, V has a comprehensive list of the best music releases this week as the perfect distraction. From a nostalgia-fueled and house-based album by Cub Sport, to hyperpop sounds from Ashnikko, to a calm and vibey windows-down release from Ricky Montgomery, this week has a release fit for any listener.

Ricky Montgomery, “Eraser”

As the lead single for his first album under Warner Records, “Eraser” is an vibey bedroom pop-esque vulnerable single from Ricky Montgomery. The release is a departure from Montgomery’s earlier music, with the musician stepping into a more comfortable and mature sound. “Eraser openly fantasizes about the time after fame and success have eclipsed, and there’s nothing left to break,” shares Montgomery. “Success has always been hard for me to accept because of the pressure it brings. The ‘eraser’ in the song is myself, sabotaging things through the course of my life. It’s an internal plea to let it all go and embrace myself and my life in whatever way it unfolds.”

Ashnikko, “WEEDKILLER”

Ashnikko’s title track for her upcoming WEEDKILLER is a punchy and fantastical journey into the worldbuilding the artist has done for her debut album. The musician confidently asserts, “Junkyard, put you in a car crusher / Trump card bitch, I’m a ball buster / Predator goin’ for the jugular” over hyperpop production that is as wonderful as it is strange. It is clear that Ashnikko has harnessed her internet uprising into her music, with a sound that feels like it has been pulled straight from the digital era.

Daniel Caesar, NEVER ENOUGH

In his first album release since his 2019 cult-classic album CASE STUDY 01, Daniel Caesar’s long awaited third studio album NEVER ENOUGH is finally out. With features from Omar Apollo, Ty Dolla $ign, serpentwithfeet, and Mustafa, the album shows off Caesar comfortable in his sound and confident in his music-making. On the album, Caesar simply shared, “It’s never enough, so fight to the death!”

Loren Gray, “Never be Perfect”

Young legend of the internet Loren Gray has released the third single, “Never Be Perfect,” off of her upcoming debut album, Guilty. The single is perhaps Gray’s moodiest yet, with the independent artist dishing out her deepest insecurities in an angsty passion. In a display of powerful emotion, Gray sings, “I’m gonna cheat, I’m gonna lie / I’m just fucked up, so don’t even try / If you wanna leave, then leave me behind / ‘Cause I will never be perfect,” over an electric guitar-based pop production.

iann dior, “10×3”

The newest release from Iann Dior is a confident rap anthem where the  burgeoning artist reflects on his success. The single contains casually-cool lyrics like, “If time is money then why would I spend it on you?” as Dior hammers in his evolving hip-hop sound. “’10×3’ is about showing how I’ve risen above the people who didn’t believe in me and where I am now,” shares the musician. “I was also inspired by my friends who came up with and stayed with me throughout my career. This song pulls from hip-hop from around the world, especially my trip to Japan earlier this year, and I mixed those influences with the Internet Money sound.”

Alesso & Ty Dolla $ign, “Caught A Body”

Legend of the DJ scene, Alesso, has released new single “Caught A Body” with the help of rapper Ty Dolla $ign. The song is inspired by nineties-era house production, which is a genre exploration for both Alesso and Dolla $ign. Bouncing and punchy in its production, this song is sure to hit dancefloors this weekend.

Mahalia, “Terms and Conditions”

In her first release of 2023, Mahlia has dropped single “Terms and Conditions” as an upbeat ode to self-respect and setting personal boundaries. “I’m quite emotional about this release finally being everybody else’s!” shares the artist on the release. “It’s almost like a love letter to myself whilst being a warning to others. It’s all about setting boundaries and deciding what things I would no longer compromise on. I made this song with my wonderful friend and artist, Raye and two of my favorite producers – The Elements. This record is just the first taste from my upcoming second album and I can’t wait to see if people like it!” Bonus, the cover art goes hard!

JP Saxe, I Don’t Miss You

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter JP Saxe also releases an electric track today. Collaborating with his friends Malay and John Mayer, he releases “I Don’t Miss You,” an emotional ballad where JP bares all. “‘I Don’t Miss You’ is me trying to lie to myself about my feelings — how I distract myself from them, how I compartmentalize them, and how I ultimately lose to them,” JP Saxe shares. “My guiding principle in my songwriting is ‘am I’m telling the truth’, so a song that’s lying to itself may seem a tad antithetical, but the truth is, trying to hide from how I feel about people is a common and futile adventure inside my head, and I’m excited for this song to bring people into that with me.”

Cub Sport, Jesus At The Gay Bar

Today, Cub Sport released their fifth studio album, Jesus At The Gay Bar, as a dance-fueled introspective that is inspired by a holistic view of the modern day queer experience. “Hold” acts as a track that shows off the crux of the album; balancing house-inspired sonics with reflective and nostalgic themes. “Like a star we’re crashing slowly / And wе hold on hard / Watch the world float underneath us / Bеfore we fall apart,” floats effervescently over a twinkling synth production on the track. The dichotomy between message and sound on Jesus At The Gay Bar is captivating to say the least – make sure to keep this one on your radar this weekend. 

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