V’s New Music Roundup: Drake, Selena Gomez, and more

V’s New Music Roundup: Drake, Selena Gomez, and more

V’s New Music Roundup: Drake, Selena Gomez, and more

Text: Henry Chandonnet

It seems that, after the insanity of last week, we would be given a week off from big music releases. But music never sleeps, and neither do we here at V. You’ve probably heard of the big-name items of the week, like a new album from Drake/21 Savage and a new single from Selena Gomez. But how about those smaller artists, like Joji and FLETCHER, who are putting out hit after hit? This Friday, there is so much to love. 

Let’s get into this week’s best releases: 

“Dissolve” by Joji

Image courtesy of 88rising Records/Warner Records

We’re living through a chill-rock renaissance. These smooth guitar strummers are blowing up left and right, from Steve Lacy to Remi Wolf. Joji is yet another of these chill-rockers to make their mark, releasing a collection of effortless tracks in his album SMITHEREENS. “Dissolve” is a highlight, but you should really give the whole album a spin. 

“Treacherous Twins” by Drake and 21 Savage

Image courtesy of OVO

Likely the highest profile release this week was Drake and 21 Savage’s joint album, Her Loss. And, though likely neither of the artists' best releases, the album still has some hits. Check out “Treacherous Twins” for a classic Drake beat with a stellar 21 Savage verse, proving the power of their collaboration. 

“My Mind & Me” by Selena Gomez

Image courtesy of Interscope Records

With the release of her documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, Selena Gomez is opening up about her mental health. For someone who has spent her entire life in the Hollywood limelight, Gomez now provides us with a brief moment of intimacy. That’s true of her new single as well, which holds the same name as the documentary. It’s raw, unfiltered, utterly real. 


Image courtesy of Question Everything, Inc.

It’s difficult to write about “Big Pussy,” mostly because it meshes so many genres, ranging from jazz to hardcore rap to a more mellow R&B sound. That indescribable quality is exactly what BROCKHAMPTON is crafting, something wholly new and creative. You’ve never heard a song like “Big Pussy,” I can promise you that. 

“Suckerpunch” by FLETCHER

Image courtesy of Snapback Entertainment LLC

FLETCHER is ushering in a pop revival. It seems that, somewhere back in 2019, we all decided that pop music was cringy. But why? Pop music can be fun and infectious, and radio pop can be good for the soul. That is, so long as it has some depth. FLETCHER is proving, one step at a time, that your standard pop anthem can hold its own. 

“I’m a Mess” by Avril Lavigne feat. YUNGBLUD

Image courtesy of DTA Records/Elektra Records

Queen of pop punk Avril Lavigne has taken up a new project: collaborate with and uplift her younger contemporaries. First it was blackbear, then Machine Gun Kelly. Now the youthful rocker YUNGBLUD makes his appearance on one of Lavigne’s tracks, and the results are glorious. We missed those raging guitars, those symbol crashes. Lavigne and YUNGBLUD were meant for each other. 

“wasabi” by Cavetown

Image courtesy of Cave Music Limited

Cavetown’s new album worm food proves that they are one of the best lyricists of our generation. Soft-spoken and mellow, Cavetown inspires a sense of peace that is so deeply fulfilling. Listen to their awe-inspiring lyrics: “Picture me softly like a ball of wasabi / Only there to keep things interesting but nobody wants me.”

“Ice Spice” by NLE Choppa

Image courtesy of NLE Choppa Entertainment

For those left unsatisfied by the Drake/21 Savage drop, NLE Choppa is here to fill that desire. His new single “Ice Spice” is stellar as a rap showcase, both presenting stellar flow and ability while also being straight-up entertaining. “Ice Spice” is sure to be the newest addition to your party playlist. 

“Neon Signs” by Suki Waterhouse

Image courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Suki Waterhouse is the indie rock girl of your dreams. Featured on her new EP Milk Teeth are several previously released songs, which have already been blowing up across TikTok, as well as one new soon-to-be hit. “Neon Signs” is wholly captivating, as Waterhouse wails over a thrashing bassline. 

“Hopscotch” by The Greeting Committee

Image courtesy of The Greeting Committee

Missing that Echosmith, Hippo Campus indie pop vibe? The Greeting Committee is your newest obsession. Making what can only be described as “vibey” music, The Greeting Committee’s new single “Hopscotch” is perfect for autumnal driving, bedroom dance parties, or anything in between. 


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