June’s new releases just keep getting better. Throughout the month, we’ve seen artists of all genres dominate the charts and this week is no exception. From Eras Tour darling Gracie Abrams’ new deluxe edition of her acclaimed debut album “Good Riddance” to brothers Nat and Alex Wolff’s first album together in over a decade, the third week of June offers nostalgia and novelty simultaneously. You’ll want to add these artists to your summer playlist right away!

Gracie Abrams, “Good Riddance (Deluxe)”

23-year-old Gracie Abrams may only sing four of her heartbreaking indie ballads at Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour, but many audience members come to the stadiums wearing the signature hair bows that her fans wear to her solo gigs at intimate venues. Throughout her run playing for 70,000 people, she’s amassed an even greater following, prompting the release of a deluxe edition of her February debut album “Good Riddance.” With three new songs – “Unsteady,” “405,” and “Two people” – listeners can catch a glimpse into her inner self, complete with her iconic bridges.

Nat and Alex Wolff, “Table For Two”

Brothers Nat and Alex Wolff – formerly known as The Naked Brothers Band – are established actors and Billboard-charting musicians. But “Table For Two” is their first studio album in more than 12 years, signifying a new, more mature era of music for the duo who rose to prominence as extremely young children. After a long hiatus, the pair has returned with soft vocals and smooth instrumentals. The album will indulge your nostalgia while also serving as a reminder that no one stays the same forever.

Trippie Redd featuring Skye Morales, “Took My Breath Away”

“Took My Breath Away” is the lead single from Trippie Redd’s upcoming album “A Love Letter to You 5” – and it certainly met fans’ high expectations after much anticipation. Featuring his girlfriend Skye Morales, the song is the couple’s first musical collaboration detailing their shared love. Skye’s vocals in the chorus layered over Redd’s verses combine to create a harmonious blend. The song is also paired with a music video directed by Loris Russier (J Balvin, Burna Boy, SiR), continuing to build anticipation for the full album’s release.

BKTHERULA, “Love Nirvana (Acoustic)”

Atlanta-based hip hop artist BKTHERULA is back with some fresh, stripped-down takes on previously released music with her “Love Nirvana (Acoustic)” EP. The EP’s title – a combination of her 2020 albums “Love Santana” and “Nirvana” – features reinvented songs from both projects, like “UH HUH” and “Tweakin’ Together” from “Love Santana” and “Summer” from “Nirvana” tape. Her incredible lyrics combined with ethereal melodies are defining BKTHERULA as an artist, and “Love Nirvana (Acoustic)” is a testament to that.

Leigh-Ann, “Don’t Say Love”

Leigh-Ann Pinnock, the vocal powerhouse who rose to prominence as one fourth of the iconic UK girl group Little Mix, is starting her solo career with her first-ever single “Don’t Say Love.” Breaking free from the constraints of being in a multi-platinum girl group and the public scrutiny it comes with, Leigh-Ann is ready to show the world who she is at her core identity – a strong, eclectic, and impassioned woman who won’t back down.

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