Well, well, well. That’s it for April! As the month comes to a close, we have another week chock-full of new releases to keep you busy this weekend. From projects steeped in Americana like “american jesus” from Nessa Barrett and Jack Harlow’s Jackman to some good ol’ pop releases from Bebe Rexha to Salem Ilese, this week has a bit of something for everyone. For my weekend plans? I’m so glad you asked! You can find me sitting with my thoughts as I listen to Calico by Ryan Beatty while watching the rain fall outside from my bedroom floor. Much to think about.

See below for V’s New Music Friday Roundup!

Ryan Beatty, “Calico

After a years-long hiatus from both music and social media, LA-based queer singer-songwriter Ryan Beatty has released the album Calico. The album marks the first solo musical expression from Beatty since 2020, and it’s clear that in the interim, the artist has focused on creating music that is built to stand the test of time. Inspired by legends like Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, and John Denver, Beatty’s project is a candid expression of poetic and straight to the point lyricism, aiming to canonize his experience as a queer artist into the Great American Songbook of sorts. The pondering of love here is straightforwardly devastating, with lyrics like, “it’s not everything I wished for / but I didn’t care / I just liked having you there.” Ow!

Jess Glynne, “Silly Me”

After a three-year hiatus, UK soul powerhouse is back with her newest single, “Silly Me.” The record-breaking singer-songwriter’s newest track is a modern take on a blues-inspired pop ballad, with Glynne tracing back through past years of heartbreak. “This song really is about learning from your mistakes and growing from it,” shares Glynne on the release. “Life isn’t perfect, we all mess up along the way and have moments where we have felt silly, but what matters is picking yourself up and not being too hard on yourself.”

Coi Leray, “My Body”

In a sex-positive track that samples 1963’s “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore, Coi Leray is declaring her own autonomy in all things related to her body. Coming off of her smash-hit “Players,” released at the beginning of this year, Leray continues to compound off of her messaging that girls can be players too, proudly spitting lyrics like, “please don’t fall in love with me I do not have the time, this expensive p*ssy so you gotta pay the price.” Leray is quickly becoming an artist to be reckoned with and she knows it, proudly stating that she takes precedence over her own desires before any onlookers get the chance to naysay. 

Niall Horan, “Meltdown”

In his newest release, “Meltdown,” Niall Horan offers an upbeat pop anthem where he grapples with the dizzying ups and downs of anxiety. On the track, Horan sings, “just know this too shall pass / I’m tellin’ you now,” as a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel during an all-consuming breakdown. “Whenever I’m having some kind of issue, the easiest thing is to sit at the piano and let it all out, and it’s not until I listen back that I realize, ‘Jesus, that was honest,’” shares Horan on the making of the single. The release is the second single Horan has put out this year, leading up to his highly anticipated album, The Show, set to release in June.

Salem Ilese, “Tall Boi”

Cuffing season is over!! Let it be known!! Just in time for summer, rising popstar Salem Ilese has released a beachy windows-down track about letting go of a love interest just because they happen to be your type. With lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Ilese references falling out of a tree when she was twelve and being a consistent trouble in gym class, all pointing to the fact that nothing is harder than letting someone go.

Bebe Rexha, “Bebe

Today, Bebe Rexha has released her third studio album, Bebe. The album is chock-full of pop hits, including singles from the dancefloor staple “I’m Good (Blue),” 70’s-esque production on “Heart Wants What It Wants,” and the recently released stoner anthem “Satellite” featuring Snoop Dogg. Rexha is a bona fide pop music veteran, with the album exploring an amalgamation of the many different sounds a popstar can take on, yet the most exciting track may just be the album’s closer, “Seasons” featuring Dolly Parton. The track is a stripped-back country-fied ballad, beautifully showcasing Rexha’s vocal capabilities alongside country music legend, Parton. 

Shania Twain, “Queen Of Me (Royal Edition)

Two months after the release of her album Queen Of Me, Shania Twain has released the deluxe version of the album, titled as the Royal Edition. The extended version of the album features five new tracks, two of which are entirely new songs. The album also features a feature from hip-hop and country musician on the rise, Breland, on a remix of the track, “Inhale / Exhale AIR.” On new track “Bone Dry,” Twain discusses the empty feeling of having everything you ever wanted yet still feeling incomplete. “‘Bone Dry’ is my reflection on how money, beauty, fame, power, elements that really don’t bring genuine fulfillment,” shares the country star. “It’s the simple things in life that do for me personally. Like the joy of parenting, being in love, smelling roses, the company of animals, dreaming, creative freedom, nature. When I stay connected to these things, I’m truly happy and whole.”

Nessa Barrett, “american jesus”

Rising star Nessa Barrett has released her long-awaited single “american jesus,” after previewing the song throughout her recent sold-out tour. The track is angsty, in true Barrett fashion, and showcases the musician idolizing someone out of love. “It’s about the fantasy of someone who is your savior, your cowboy in a crown,” shares the singer. “Everybody dreams about a love that’s heavenly, and I know everyone will be able to relate to this.”

Jack Harlow, “Jackman

Announced only two days before its release, grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow has released his third studio album, Jackman. The title of the album is Harlow’s full first name, with the musician using the album as a means to showcase his own talents, not relying on any features. The 10-track album has a runtime of twenty four minutes, and comes before the release of his upcoming acting debut in the remake of the cult-classic film, “White Men Can’t Jump,” coming to Hulu on May 19.


In an ode to 90’s-era mixtapes, UPSAHL is showing off her complexity as an artist with an experimentation in her sound on new project, THE PHX TAPES. Today, two tracks have been released as Side A and Side B for the project, with songs “GOOD GIRL ERA” and “CONDOMS.” The project is set to come with a host of volumes to come, that will continue the duality explored between A and B sides. “I had been writing so many songs since the beginning of the year and started sharing them with friends the way I shared music when I was a kid growing up in Phoenix. Sort of like how mixtapes used to be passed around,” shares UPSAHL on the release. “This release is different from my past releases because there was no specific purpose during my writing process. I feel so free in making music right now, and everything I’m creating feels like an experiment. There are no boundaries, no genres, no lines that I am too scared to cross.” 

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