V’s New Music Roundup: SZA, Lana Del Rey, and more

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

As the winter chill descends upon us, we all deserve to curl up with a nice warm blanket, a well-scented candle, and our favorite new tracks. Luckily enough, this week was a big one for new releases. With SZA finally dropping an album after years of anticipation, we have so much to be grateful for. And what about a new Lana single, or drops from Paramore and Dove Cameron? The bangers abound.

Let’s get into this week’s best releases:

“Gone Girl” by SZA

Image courtesy of Top Dawg Entertainment

It’s SZA season! We’ve begged and begged for new music, as she teased us with one-off interviews about future projects. With S.O.S. finally here, we can officially say that it was worth the wait. It’s an almost impossible feat to achieve a no-skip 23-track album, and yet somehow SZA does it. “Gone Girl” is a personal favorite for its smooth R&B style, but the whole album is hit after hit.

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard” by Lana Del Rey

Image courtesy of Lana Del Rey

This is Lana at her peak. With popping lyrics that scream in their intricate emotional profundity, the song will instantly evoke wild sensory images. Plus, a more overtly produced final chorus that makes her music more catchy, more listenable. For the Norman Fucking Rockwell fans out there, this one’s for you. 

“Welcome To My Island” by Caroline Polachek

Image courtesy of Perpetual Novice

Caroline Polachek is an electro-rock god. As she wails over her ‘80s synth beat, you feel her desire in a visceral, raw way. As just about every artist is proclaimed to be the “future of pop music,” I can without a doubt say that Caroline Polachek is pushing the ball forward. 

“Apply Pressure” by Lucky Daye

Image courtesy of Keep Cool/RCA Records

Your newest R&B obsession: Lucky Daye. With an infectious pop underlay and lyrics that ooze with calm joy, Lucky Daye is writing music to lift you up. Imagine Steve Lacy with a bit more of a positive outlook. It’s just so fun to groove along with him.

“The News” by Paramore

Image courtesy of Atlantic Records Group

We asked for a return to pop-punk; Paramore delivered. With raging guitars and banging drum fills, “The News” is a legendary second installation to the Paramore revival. Standing above the rest, though, is Hayley William’s scream-singing. It’s glorious. 

“Little Bull of Blithe” by Sam Fender

Image courtesy of Sam Fender

Something about a mellow, acoustic guitar hymn will just hit the spot. Sam Fender has perfected the art, strumming away as he croons his artful lyrics. That writing is captivating: “You may not rеcognise my face / You may not recognise my name / You may not recognise the little boy you raised / But I’ll always be your little bull of blithe.”

“Girl Like Me” by Dove Cameron

Image courtesy of Disruptor Records/Columbia Records

Dove Cameron’s style of sinister, sensual pop is plain fun. Verses evoke images of a spy movie, while choruses, alternate between a banging rhythmic interlude and screaming electric guitars. It’s masterful, sexy, and free. 

“Reality Television” by Maude Latour

Image courtesy of Maude 4 President

As a one-off addition to her EP 001, “Reality Television” continues Maude Latour’s new sonic vision. It fluctuates between hard-rocking and quiet, knowing when to rage and when to pull back with intimacy. Latour has clearly found her voice, it’s now up to us to listen. 

“You Get Me (A Final Word)” by Chiiild

Image courtesy of Avant Gaden/4th & Broadway

Chiiild is pulling together some of the finest indie-R&B tracks out there. His vocal stylings are mesmerizing, while his lyrics jump out at you: “And my mind is out to get me / ‘Cause I know I’ve been drifting lately / And I hope you don’t hold it against me / If you get me, just say you get me.”

“Sea Lions” by Samia

Image courtesy of Grand Jury Music

The minimized, pulled-back style of indie pop is having a moment right now. Phoebe Bridgers fans, rise! If that’s your go-to genre, Samia is writing some of the best lyrics out there. The paired back melody with hypnotic verses leads to a form of sonic poetry.

“happy f***ing birthday” by Ethan Bortnick 

Burgeoning singer-songwriter Ethan Bortnick returns with a new single today. Featuring candid lyrics and delicate beats, the song chronicles a coming-of-age story that is at once heartwarming and relatable. And as a bonus, the track comes with an accompanying music video that features intimate home videos shot by his dad. 

3Peat by Fedd the God, featuring Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods

Hot off the heels of Wiz Khalifa’s explosive summer tour, these three join forces again for Fedd the God’s new EP. This electric EP, which Wiz has labeled “another gang classic,” features four new tracks. “Working with Chevy and Wiz is super easy for real,” Fedd The God shares. “It’s super easy for me to transition. It’s not hard for me to grasp what they’re telling me.”

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