Sneaker Guide to Staying Fashionable and Active

We might not be ‘on-the-go’ but check out our ‘go-to’ sneakers.

Thousands of gyms around the world have closed their doors, forcing gym-goers to become creative with their social-distancing exercise practices. Turning to in-home workouts and outside exercise, we want to encourage our readers to step out and get some fresh air. For both those who were frequent gym members or others that might be re-finding the joy in running outside, we’ve rounded up a variety of luxury, comfort, and classic running shoes just for you.

Gucci’s Ultrapace R Sneakers ($ 790)

Gucci’s new sporty slip-on features reflective fabric perfect for an evening jog. Designed to be the perfect running shoe as the letter “R” in the name stands for “Running.” The Gucci logo emphasizes luxury as well as the hand-painted detail feature on the sole, and floral-print lining. However, the most significant feature is the dial-closure. To slip in and out of the shoe, the dial must be pressed down while the tongue up, which releases the wire fastening.

Dior’s Water Gray D-Connect Neoprene Sneaker ($ 990)

Dior’s futuristic neoprene sneaker is Maria Grazia Chiuri’s take on an essential wardrobe piece. The bold interpretation is crafted with expertise and complemented with the ‘DIOR’ signature. Become an expert at social-distancing exercise with Dior.

Adidas by Stella McCartney UltraBoost 20 S shoes ($ 230)

If you are having trouble finding energy, throw on the Adidas Ultraboost 20 sneakers. Designed to help you move like the wind and find your flow, the shoe features improved cushioning. Durable enough for an intense running schedule, these shoes are supportive, flexible, and comfortable.

Tommy Jeans Suede Running Sneaker ($ 89.50)

Keep a low-profile, with Tommy Hilfiger’s old-school running shoe. This hybrid sneaker is ideal for both staying active and stylish.

Versace Squalo Sneakers ($ 875)

Feel powerful with Versace’s Squalo Sneakers. Inspired by the anatomy of the great white shark, the sneaker is designed to resemble the shape of the animal’s jaw. Great whites play a special role in the ocean and by choosing to practice safe social distancing exercises, you are playing a special role in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Reebok Awake Instapump Fury OG Shoes ($ 180)

In collaboration with the fashion label Awake NY, Reebok is offering a colorful streetwear sneaker inspired by the culture of New York. The spring blues and yellows help give hope that there are better days to come.

Nike Renew Run ($ 90) 

Designed for the everyday runner, Nike’s Renew running shoes help motivates you to stick to your workout schedule. Delivering both support for the foot and durable traction for on-the-go comfort. The breathable mesh helps to increase airflow, keeping the feet at a comfortably cool temperature.

Armani’s Fusion Racer Sneakers ($ 195) 

Georgio Armani’s featherweight sneaker design is perfect for a minimalistic fashionista. For those who may be starting their active journey, these Armani sneakers are the right investment.

Balenciaga Track Shoe ($ 895)

Balenciaga’s monotone sneakers are a safe bet to any runners wardrobe. The dynamic sole design features an augmented back to help to propel the runner’s feet forward. If you could use that extra ‘push,’ consider investing in this track shoe.

Marc Jacobs ‘The Jogger’ ($295)

Marc Jacobs ’70s-inspired running shoe is complete with signature “M” motifs embossed on the sides. In addition, the shoe comes with two pairs of coordinating shoelaces and a removable Jogger keychain. The tongue label reads, “The Marc Jacobs sports shoes are not manufactured for world champion athletes because we do not know the first thing about sports.” Good thing you don’t have to know a lot about sports to stay happy and healthy during this period of self-isolation.

HOKA’S OV Clifton ($ 140) 

HOKA has collaborated with the active lifestyle brand, Outdoor Voice and created a limited-edition performance shoe. Featuring colorful prints within the rainbow shoelaces, the brand encourages you to have fun and run fast. Offering you the sweetest cushion and extra push to start your running journey today.

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