Wake Up, It’s Time To Get Serious: March 7th’s Full Moon In Virgo

Plan, release. Plan, release. Read the full cosmic analysis for today’s Full Moon in Virgo

Symbol: The Maiden

Ruling Planet and House: Mercury, 6th House of Health, Wellness, and Daily Routines

Element: Earth

Mode: Mutable

Moon Stones For Virgo Full Moon: Agate, Jade, Clear Quartz and Diamond


Today, March 7th, we welcome the latest celestial event, the Full Moon in Virgo. Taking place at 7:40 am, this full Moon welcomes us into a period of inspiration, possibilities, and everything in between. With Saturn rightfully claiming space in the sign in Pisces, today’s astrology preps us for Saturn’s return. So what is Saturn’s return? In the simplest terms, a Saturn return is when the planet Saturn finds its way back to the same place it was when you were born. This means that if you notice on your natal chart that your Saturn is in Pisces, you are experiencing a Saturn return now until February 2026.

With the Sun in Pisces and the Full Moon reaching its summit in Virgo, today’s cosmic analysis creates confusion regarding what is necessary to put our energy into. You see, Pisces is a dreamy sign that prompts depth, emotion, fantasy, and everything introspective. On the other hand, Virgo is a calculated sign, falling under everything organized, knowledgeable, and perfectionist. This is where it gets dicey. For this planetary alignment, the transit encourages us to set boundaries and unpack the question, “What is really important to me?” In this case, we recommend zeroing in on work, wellness, and health topics. What steps can I do to inflict my current situation positively? Don’t be afraid to go deep.

With the Full Moon making a solid aspect with Mars and Uranus, we can expect some severe movement within your career or yourself. While this can be interpreted positively or negatively, remember that the universe is always trying to work in your favor. This strong-willed attitude today, combined with the unexpectedness of Uranus, will make for radical changes, giving us the tools to go after what we desire from our workplace or health aspirations.

In traditional astrology, the Moon is representative of the physical and the emotional body. The Full Moon is a time to be open and receptive, to take the light and welcome it into your emotional and physical body—a time for releasing and cleansing yourself of negativity to grow spiritually and emotionally. So for today, work on figuring out what baggage is necessary for release, and let it go. Plan, release. Plan, release. You got this.

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