Wales Bonner Autumn/Winter 2020

The British fashion designer pays homage to 70s London in her latest collection.

An entire year since her last show in London, Grace Wales Bonner returned to the runway with a presentation of a full Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, titled Lovers Rock, to a crowd of fashion’s elite in the heart of England’s style capital. Drawing inspiration from London in the 70s for this latest range, Wales Bonner delves into dub reggae and underground party scenes of the second generation of Caribbean immigrants in the UK at the time. The set mimicked the decor of the aforementioned celebrations, and each reminiscent look dynamically ignited the designer’s past as they made their way down the runway.

“It felt like a homecoming, referencing what I grew up with,” Wales Bonner explained in a statement. “I began by looking at photographs of London in the 70s, photos of the British-Jamaican community, the second generation Afro-Caribbean community. People like my family… I wanted to reflect on that, what it looked like. I think it was inevitable that I’d eventually do something that paid tribute to this era.”

Below, explore the full collection in all of its nostalgic glory.

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