Watch Celine Dion Bawl Her Eyes Out in the Name of Fashion

Watch the superstar break down front row at the Valentino show. It’s couture, darling!

Celine Dion proved herself as a victim to fashion last night, as she cried real human tears sitting front row at the Valentino show during Paris Haute Couture Week. The show, undeniably emotional, took similar affect to much of the audience. That said, Miss Dion took it a step further as the icon is known to do. For the fashion? For the drama? No matter, for it was iconic.

The legend has been on a social media roll as of late, starring in one viral video after another. Just a month ago, Celine Dion racked up the views, likes and retweets after videos were released of her going apeshit, dancing at the premiere of Lady Gaga’s new Vegas show, “Enigma”.

The Valentino Haute Couture show was truly commendable, featuring one of the most diverse cast of models to walk a couture runway. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s breathtaking creations powered down the catwalk in the house’s classic hues, cascading ruffles and of course, florals. Over half of the models in the show were models of color, proving the brand’s and in general, the industry’s push towards inclusivity and representation.


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