Watch Celine’s Newest e-Foil Surfboard Campaign With Pro Kitesurfer James McGrath

The French fashion house steps outside of apparel to release an electric surfboard. 

A chic way to surf? Look no further. In honor of the holiday season, Celine has released The Celine e-Foil—an electric powered surfboard that flies above a hydrofoil wing. Not only does it glide smoothly on the water, it also provides a unique experience for every thrill– and adventure-seeker. Featured in the newest campaign is Pro Kitesurfer James McGrath, who dons Celine’s recent ready-to-wear from head-to-toe. McGrath is shown in the video demonstrating the surfboard as he strums to a ukulele. 

The Celine e-Foil is currently available for made-to-order on the brand’s website. Watch the campaign video with McGrath below.

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