Watch Kylie Jenner Embody Marilyn Monroe For Halloween

The 22-year-old superstar pays homage to Hollywood’s elite.

Among turmoil and discord, pop culture is often denoted as a superfluous distraction to the larger societal and political issues at hand. In times of strife, a mere mention of Harry Styles’ new song or Gigi Hadid’s latest campaign recoils with questions concerning the accuracy of your priorities. To a degree, those inquiries hold a weighted severity; however, it’s pop culture and its icons that hold cultures and societies together through the toughest of times. 

It’s instances like Kylie Jenner embodying Marilyn Monroe—an emulation of the blonde bombshell’s intense star power that Jenner herself now possesses—that stimulates an instantaneous awe reaction and provides a basis on which to relate to others. Instead of harping on the monotony of work or focusing on the negativity of disheartening news, people have the privilege to discuss their shared admiration for the 22-year-old’s ability to undertake the role of Marilyn or debate which Kardashian-Jenner they favor the most. It’s a moment of relief, it’s a breath of levity, and it’s absolutely necessary. 

In appreciation of pop culture’s elite, our latest digital cover star Kylie Jenner transforms into the 20th-century icon Marilyn Monroe and commands attention in a pink and crystal-studded ensemble. Watch the video special “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” below. 


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