Watch Lia Marie Johnson Assert Her Sexuality in New Video

Watch Lia Marie Johnson Assert Her Sexuality in New Video

The steamy new video showcases the singer's mature side.

The steamy new video showcases the singer's mature side.

Text: Jacob Seferian

YouTube sensation and budding pop star Lia Marie Johnson just dropped a lyric video for her new single, "Cold Heart Killer," which features the 20-year old in a series of seductive sequences.

In the video we see Johnson smoking a joint, tossing and turning on her bed, and licking knives suggestively as she sings about resisting the urge to reignite an unhealthy relationship. Sexuality on full display, she toys with the bottom of her slip as the camera jump cuts to closeups on her lips and thighs. Confidently delivering lyrics like, "Make you crazy, yeah he's as smooth as liquor," as her silhouette convulses on a windowsill, the listener gets the impression this Nickelodeon star is anything but innocent.

However, that didn't keep others from chiming in with their opinions of what her persona is/should be. Within just a few hours of the clip's release, YouTube and Instagram comments have been fraught with debate over Johnson's liberal display of skin. "you don't have to get naked to show us your pretty you already are without the nude scenes," one Youtuber noted. "she's only like 5 years old she needa chill," another Instagram comment read.

In the past, Johnson has not shied away from exploring the more taboo realities of youth, no matter how squeamish it may make some. In the music video for "DNA" the then 19-year-old can be seen smoking and drinking at a house party. While the visual themes persist, musically Johnson has taken a huge step forward with "Cold Heart Killer." The electronic ballad showcases a mature sound that will no doubt transport its listeners to Johnson's steamy and conflicted subconscious, regardless of their age.

Johnson first gained exposure through a YouTube web series in 2010 when she was only a teenager, and has since become a popular presence across all social media. Growing up in the public eye is a strange phenomenon that forces young people to assert their adulthood when they're still figuring it out for themselves, or else face being pigeonholed as a child star forever.

In one of the final sequences an invisible force pulls off the singer's jeans, leaving her stoned and cooing, "I don't need you anymore," making it abundantly clear that Lia Marie Johnson has grown up, and beautifully so.

Watch the lyric video below:

Credits: Photos: MediaPunch


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