Watch Love Bailey Play With Her Shenis

It’s what queer dreams are made of.

In today’s often hostile global political climate, it’s hard to believe that there are some places where being your authentic self is not only encouraged—but mandatory. This magic, albeit rare, can be found more than once and sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

‘There’s no place for racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia and general hatefulness here,’ read signs at the entrance of last week’s Milkshake Festival—an annual music festival held in Westerpark, Amsterdam. With the help of its performers, attendees are injected with high doses of love and music, a celebration fueled by adrenaline and joy. Enter Love Bailey—one of the weekend’s patron saints. The queer artist and cultural visionary brought high-intensity star power to the Supertoys stage, with a stirring rendition of her latest single “Shenis.”

The track is a dream-inducing club banger that shows no mercy—an unapologetic anthem that celebrates everything from penetration to liberation, and all things in between. “S-H-E-N-I-S! Put your love to the test!” was Bailey’s battle cry during the performance—a Louboutin graphic-printed cape her armor (the work of MAISON the Faux & Seth Pratt, whose work you may recognize from Brooke Candy’s iconic Grimes costume), the gaggle of fierce dancers surrounding the stage her troops. Refusing to stop there, Bailey took that same intensity from day to night after a few outfit changes, and with the help of drag queen Jodie Harsh and The Cock Destroyers (Rebecca Moore, Sophie Anderson), everyone’s favorite, wholesome Internet duo.

While all this sublime beauty and freedom can stimulate a severe case of FOMO, video footage from the weekend has thankfully surfaced. Filmed by Romain Boutin, Nate Ryanski, Oliver Hunt, prepare to feast your eyes on the peaceful world Milkshake created, brought to life by the sound of Bailey’s “Shenis.”

Bon appétit!

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