Watch North West Make Her Rap Debut at Yeezy Season 8

Kanye West taps his six-year-old daughter for the show’s entertainment.

Kanye West returned to Paris Fashion Week for the unveiling of Yeezy Season 8, and while each contemporary, neutral-toned design certainly brought the visionary’s next era of fashion to life, it was the show’s performer that sent the world into a Twitter frenzy. Following in her father’s footsteps, North West took to the stage and rapped to the audience while models posed alongside her on the runway. 

Against an auto-tuned beat, the six-year-old repeated lines including “What are those?” and “yeah, cool, cute,” in a remix of 4-year-old singer ZaZa’s “What I Do?” as fashion’s elite cheered her on. As the show drew to a close, North was joined by her father, who boasted a cheek-to-cheek smile as the young rapper finished out her verse. This fashion week surprise marks young West’s debut musical performance, although she has routinely joined Ye at the mic for his regular Sunday Service gatherings, where videos of her singing and dancing have also swept the internet. 

Below, watch North West perform at the Yeezy Season 8 show.

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