Watch Patriarchy’s Chilling New Music Video for “It Goes Fast”

Trigger Warning: Violence, Sexual Violence

Trigger Warning: Violence, Sexual Violence



L.A-based metal band Patriarchy, composed of multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Actually Huizenga and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Means have released a music video for their new song, “It Goes Fast.” With its grim sets, freaky costumes and rapid scene changes, the video sort of feels like a scary fever dream, in the best way possible. It shows lead singer Huizenga playing the role of her grandmother’s cat, who we see being interviewed at the start of the video about her past experiences with sexual violence.

When talking about the song, Huizenga explains: The song is about the confusion of a life of longing for a romanticized illusion of love or fame (or any other social construct) versus a stoic observation of the fact that we are simple organisms dying every day…very quickly. ”

The video features scenes filmed on the island of Hydra in Greece, as well as the remains of Huizenga’s family home in Malibu, which burned down in last year’s fires.

The song teases the release of Patriarchy’s upcoming album “Asking For It,” which is slated to come out on November 11th with the label Dero Arcade. For more info, head over to the band’s website. 

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