Watch the Cast of Cats Sing a Belt-Worthy Ballad with Jimmy Fallon

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and the rest of the dynamic cast performed on The Tonight Show ahead of their box office debut.

On Wednesday evening’s episode of The Tonight Show, the star-powered cast of the highly-anticipated film Cats performed a special rendition of the movie’s dynamic ballad “Memory”. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, James Corden, and Francesca Hayward harmonized with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, each taking turns belting different parts of the harmonious song. Flawlessly executed by Hudson in the film, “Memory” bridges the power of music with emotive acting in a finely cadenced sequence. 

Mid-performance, members of the Cats cast joined in instrumental kinship with The Roots using unconventional items they “found in an ally”. Swift played on what appeared to be a milk jar, while Corden melodically shook a container filled with eclectic knick-knacks. Hudson closed out the show with her unmatched vocals as the rest of the cast crafted a unifying beat.

The Cats stars graced the red carpet on Monday for the Tom Hopper-directed film’s premiere, and Swift shared some insight into what to expect for her playful character. “I love my character. She’s really fun,” Swift said in a statement. “I think myself and James Corden, we bring the comedy to the film. The original material was T.S. Eliot poetry, so it was quite challenging to get some modern humor into the movie.”

Hitting theaters on Friday, December 20, Cats is sure to be an otherworldly, cinematic experience worth experiencing. Watch the film’s cast perform “Memory” with Jimmy Fallon below.

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