We Might Be Getting a Rainbow iPhone

Information about Apple’s iPhone 11 has leaked, including an upgraded storage option, wide-angle lens, and potential new color.

Your mirror selfies might be getting an upgrade. After news about the upcoming iPhone 11 leaked from Apple’s case supplier, techheads have been scrambling for even more tidbits about the new device. The new phones, titled the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, will feature the highest baseline storage capacity yet, with a minimum of 128GB, Hypebeast reported from Max Weinbach of xda-developers. The new storage capacity would be twice the amount of the current minimum. Other rumors include the new camera, which is said to boast a 120º view with its updated wide-angle lens. 

Foxconn also leaked yesterday that Apple will introduce a fourth iPhone color with an iridescent effect, essentially making a rainbow iPhone. Can you think of anything more magical? (Or anything more geared towards millennials and Gen Z since rose gold?) Some sources also contest that the new color will be a significantly less exciting dark green, not rainbow. Current promo images only show the signature black so far.

iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11 c/o DIGIT

Apple is rumored to announce the iPhone 11 on September 13th where we’ll discover what’s true and what’s wishful thinking. With the onslaught of underwhelming Apple updates the past couple years, consumers have been getting Apple-fatigue. The tech giant hasn’t changed their main model in a while, and some believe the company has lost its luster since Steve Jobs’ passing. Is it shallow to say a rainbow paint job might keep our interest a little longer?

That being said, we’re all as attached to our phones as ever. The new iPhone is set to hit stores September 20th.



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