Welcome to Gen V: Lauv

Welcome to Gen V: Lauv

Welcome to Gen V: Lauv

They may be young, but their creative energy knows no bounds. Meet Generation V

They may be young, but their creative energy knows no bounds. Meet Generation V

Photography: Doug Inglish

Styling: Andrew Vottero


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Each decade has its defining cultural resetters. (Think Lady Gaga hitting it big in the early 2010s). Our first few sips of the 2020s have revealed a new musical landscape wherein artists like Los Angeles-based Lauv are dominating the charts with minimal electro-pop and lovable online personalities. Known for his brave vulnerability in lyricism with songs like, “fuck, i’m lonely,” Lauv’s popularity suggests an unprecedented openness in music. Should he help define this decade, there’s a lot to look forward to.

“In today’s world, there’s so much pressure, especially with the Internet, to have a personal brand,” says the 25-year-old, who boasts over a million followers on Instagram.“I think people are way more complicated than that.”

Hence, the artwork for his just-released debut album How I’m Feeling, which showcases multiple versions of Lauv. Each depiction wears a different hair color and represents different parts of his personality, including the hopeless romantic that most fans (accurately) believe him to be. The point is, he has layers and he wants to remind us that we all do, too.

While most artists focus on expressing mainly themselves, Lauv is unique in that he encourages fans to talk about their own mental health. Last year, he started the Blue Boy Foundation, which helps raise awareness around mental health and connect those in need to helpful resources.

About his goals this decade, he says: “Becoming a better artist every day, becoming a better friend, a better family member, and finding more ways to use my platform and this foundation to affect people positively.”

Lauv wears sweater and pants Missoni, Shirt (worn under) Guess, Shoes Converse, Socks Nike, Jewelry his own


Makeup Hinako (The Wall Group) Hair Dennis Gots (The Wall Group) Digital technician Maxfield Hegedus

Photo assistants Ryan Moraga, Julian Dakdouk, Michael Clifford Stylist assistant Madeleine Issa

Makeup assistant Risa Miyamoto Hair assistants Jesika Miller, Andres Copeland


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