What February's Snow Moon in Virgo Means For You

What February's Snow Moon in Virgo Means For You


What February's Snow Moon in Virgo Means For You

Text: Sam Tracy

Listen up, astrology babes! Another full moon is upon us and this one is a big deal.

We’ve just finally exited the topsy-turvy time of mercury in retrograde (and are nearly fully clear of its “shadow period”). 

You’ve probably already heard this but let’s review the basics: the moon goes through its periods of waxing and waning and once in a while, it shines as a full circle in the nightsky. In astrology, the full moon is a powerful energetic event that astrology followers, like us, can harness for the success of our manifestations. It’s almost like the universe listens extra hard to our wishes under a full moon.

What is the “Snow Moon” and how will it affect you?

Tomorrow’s full moon is a special one coined the “Snow Moon” because historically, the heaviest snowfall of the year occurs around this time. In the astral calendar, this moon falls under the sign of Virgo which means it’s hightime to organize, organize, organize! According to astrologers, every sign should expect to feel the energy of this moon but Virgos and Pisces will be affected the strongest.

The stars aligned perfectly to have the full moon in Virgo fall at the end of a month — the best time to tie up loose ends and begin anew. This full moon will encourage you to declutter - your home and your relationships included! Use this time to clear away unnecessary junk from your life and lay the groundwork for future endeavors (the manifestations of your dreams!). In typical Virgo fashion, you may have the urge to pop out the label maker or categorize your closet by color. Allow this organizational energy flow into your relationships, too. This is primetime to clean up interpersonal issues. Do a self check-in and ask yourself how you feel in each friendship. If you’re harboring any ill will, do not keep it inside any longer! Use this time to communicate your feelings and clean out unresolved drama.

Moonlight manifestation

The law of attraction will be kicking into highgear! Harness the power of the cosmos in your favor with some full moon manifestation. 

Tap into the energy of the universe with a sacred tradition your New Agey friends call a “release burning ritual”. Sounds hippy-dippy? Maybe. But trust us when we say the steps are simple and if done correctly, can yield energy-shifting results to align you with your dream reality. 

First, set your intentions and clear your headspace. A mindfulness walk or a few minutes of meditation should do the trick. With your heart open, it’s time to write the universe a letter. The perfect crystals to surround yourself with during this journaling exercise are clear quartz for its vibration of clarity and amplification as well as pyrite (“fool’s gold”) for good luck. 

On a page in your journal, begin with “I invoke”. Below, list all of your desires you wish to have in your life. Do not limit yourself. Whether you seek a new romance or a new apartment, it’s all equally important to note. Visualize each desired item on your list and tap into the feeling you’d expect to have if you achieved each. Happiness? Acceptance? Peace? It’s important to feel it in the now to prime your brain for it later.

Finally, read the letter aloud to yourself. With a lit candle, begin to burn the letter from its top edge. Release your control to the universe. It’s important to not question “how” each listed item will be achieved but instead, trust that each dream is on its way to you.

As always, happy manifesting!


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