What in the World Is a Gucci Call Center?

Designed by Alessandro Michele himself, this new space has an aesthetic all of its own

In the latest foray of the Italian heritage house, Gucci announced the opening of Gucci 9 Hudson, the new North American Client Services Center. The customer touchpoint center humanizes the house with a tech-centric approach to intimate client relations. “We have many, many customers, so [the stores] are quite crowded. One of the problems that we face is that someone calling the shops was not able to get an answer because everybody was busy.” CEO Marco Bizzarri explains. “In this case, we are able to serve and to answer quicker, to give a better service.”

Following the design of Florence’s Gucci Garden as well as boutiques worldwide, it’s clear creative director Alessandro Michele has a specific vision, and not just for the product. The 35,000 square foot Jersey City facility designed by Michele himself transports you into Gucci’s Milanese boutique with retro ultramarine green carpeting and upholstered goldenrod dividers. Additionally, Gucci’s best selling products are on display around the space as if walking into one of the boutiques.

With around 150+ employees fluent in eight different languages across phone, email, and live chat, Gucci 9 is making waves in bridging the gap between high fashion and it’s clients. “To be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things and beautiful minds, I think, is going to help a lot in terms of interaction with the customers,” Bizzari explains. “That’s exactly what we want when they enter in our shops in any brick and mortar shops in the world.”

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