What To Gift The Person Who Has Everything

What To Gift The Person Who Has Everything

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What To Gift The Person Who Has Everything

What do I give the person who doesn't need anything in particular?

What do I give the person who doesn't need anything in particular?

Text: Sophie Lee

We all have a friend or family member who never seems to need anything. Whatever you could give them, they already have. That means this holiday season you have two options: level up an existing part of their routine, or think outside the box. We've come up with a few options that should cover at least some of the toughies on your list. Clink the link in the titles to purchase.

Etsy Matcha Bowl 6 Piece Set ($116)

A handmade ceramic set for the matcha lover in your life. These pieces are not only functional but beautiful, perfect for purposeful placement on a countertop or dining room table. Their friends will be in awe of their worldliness.

OWA Haircare Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit ($49)

Sustainability queens will adore this haircare set. It comes with a powder to lather shampoo that promises to pack four times the product of a normal shampoo bottle. It also includes a tote bag and recycled acetate comb. Did we mention the recycled paper packaging?

Bespoke Post Flame ($55)

Set your friend up for a few indoor smores with this chic miniature fireplace. The brand claims that it creates no smoke or soot, and runs on rubbing alcohol. Very romantic for a stay-at-home date now that fine dining is no more.

Kitchen Toke Gift Box ($99)

Give the gift of relaxation with this hemp and CBD infused medley. Tea bags and honey, for cooking or dolloping, come with a Kitchen Toke mug and linen tea towel. All the items are pre-packaged for the holidays in a box that reads "No one is more important than you." Your giftee is sure to appreciate that little message.

Blueland The Clean Suite ($83)

Get your gift recipient hooked on sustainable cleaning supplies. This kit from Blueland comes with reusable bottles and cruelty free cleaners. On top of that, it's cute enough to be stored prominently on your pantry shelf and you only need to order a few refills once you're out.

CAUSEBOX Winter Box ($49.95)

This brand packs subscription boxes chock full of items from small scale makers and artisans. Buy your friend a subscription to get a box every three months, or gift them a one time purchase. They'll get up to $275 worth of product, and it'll only cost you $50.

Masterclass All-Access Pass ($15/month billed annually)

This one is a bit of a cheat, because you can actually gift yourself something in the process. Masterclass is offering a buy one, get one free deal for Black Friday. That means you can buy yourself a subscription and give the other membership as a gift to someone who'd like to take a class or two.

Online Star Register ($54)

Name a star after them. It's sweet. It's romantic. It's quirky. When you choose the gift pack, it'll all come with personalized certificates, stickers, and more. You could even go the extra mile and slide their certificate into a frame. This is truly a gift for the person who exhausted all other options.

CAMFED Donation ($Your choice!)

If there's a person in your life that seemingly has everything, it might be a sign that they don't need any more stuff. If that's the case, consider making a charitable donation in their name. One option is CAMFED, who help provide education to girls in parts of Africa where their options are limited. Just $150 can put a girl through high school for an entire year.

Kiva Microloan ($Your choice!)

Okay, this one is really cool. Using Kiva, you can make another type of donation in the name of your giftee: a microloan. Kiva gives out loans to families and entrepreneurs in over 70 countries who are struggling financially. Many of the recipients are in developing nations and need very little to get by. Kiva users have a repayment rate of over 96%, and when you get your money back you can send it right back out to another recipient. That means your small donation will allow your giftee the chance to be charitable for years and years to come. They can even add in more money if they choose to do so.

Credits: Photos courtesy of brands.


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