What to Watch On HBO Max This August

From the new “Game of Thrones” prequel, to class A24 movies, here are the hot new titles coming to HBO Max.

With new shows and movies coming to streaming services every month, knowing what to watch can get overwhelming. HBO Max has got tons of exciting new titles being added in August. From the long-awaited “House of the Dragon” to old favorites, here are the top 10 must-watch shows and movies coming to HBO Max next month.

“House of the Dragon”

“Game of Thrones” fans are in luck next month as “House of the Dragon” airs on HBO MAX. After releasing the trailer earlier this week, fans are excited to see what the show has in store. From family feuds to an heir for the Iron Throne, the new series is set to be jam-packed with drama, action, and most importantly, dragons.
“House of the Dragon” airs on HBO Max on August 21.

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Earlier this month it was confirmed that an Amy Winehouse biopic is in the works. However, A24 released a documentary about the late singer back in 2015. Amy shared the story of Winehouse through archival footage, and interviews with friends and family, and showed viewers a glimpse into her life. From struggling with addiction to the growth of her music career, the documentary captured her struggles, and successes, and showed the world who she was at her heart. The documentary received an Academy Award for Best Documentary back in 2016 and is a must-watch.
Amy comes to HBO Max on August 1.

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Ex Machina

Another A24 classic, Ex Machina is a film that every film bro loves. It shares the story of a young programmer, played by Domhnall Gleeson, who wins a trip to his CEO’s (Oscar Isaac) private mountain estate. While there, Gleeson’s character discovers he has been chosen to partake in a new experiment. His task is to monitor his last A.I. experiment, a robot called Ava (Alicia Vikander). While monitoring her capabilities and consciousness, the two men discover she is more powerful than they could have ever imagined. If sci-fi is your cup of tea, make sure you add Ex-Machina to your watchlist.
Ex-Machina airs on August 1.

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Lions for Lambs

Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, and Andrew Garfield. What more could you ask for? Lions for Lambs is a war film that brings together two unlikely stories. In Los Angeles, a professor (Robert Redford) tries to get his brilliant student (Garfield) to do something with his life and inspires two of his former students (Derek Luke and Michael Peña) to join the military. In Washington, a Republican senator running for president (Cruise) shares his military strategy for Afghanistan with a journalist (Streep). Although these stories seem to have no connection, the film reveals how the lives of these people overlap. If you’re looking for a movie about war, honor, sacrifice, and heart, Lions for Lambs is the one for you.
Lions for Lambs airs on August 1.

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This past summer has been the summer of Miles Teller. After taking over TikTok with his role in Topgun: Maverick, the world can’t seem to get enough of him. While Teller has been in a lot of great films before Topgun: Maverick, Whiplash stands out. The 2014 film follows the story of Andrew Neiman, a young jazz drummer who tries to rise to the top of an elite music conservatory. After being transferred to the top jazz ensemble by a terrifying teacher (J.K. Simmons), Neiman pushes himself to be the best. As all of his dreams start to come true, Neiman falls into a dangerous spiral. From drama to music, to the struggles of mental health, Whiplash is a gut-wrenching must-watch for August.
Whiplash airs on August 1.

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All good things must come to an end, and that good thing is “Peaky Blinders.” As the show airs its final season, fans are left distraught as to what they’ll watch next. Fear not, HBO Max has got you covered with Locke. Made in 2013, this film was directed by “Peaky Blinders” Steven Knight. Although there are no gangs of Birmingham in Locke, fans can still reveal the incredible stories Knight brings to the silver screen. Ivan Locke’s (Tom Hardy) life unravels after he discovers his one-night stand has gone into premature labor.

The film shows Hardy having a series of speaker phone conversations with his wife, kids, and others as he drives to London to be there for the birth. As he comes to terms with his infidelity and puts his job on the line, audiences watch as Locke begins to unravel on his journey. If physiological thrillers are your type of movie, or you’re just looking to watch Hardy and Knight work their magic, add Locke to your August watchlist.
Locke comes to HBO Max on August 1.

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After attending her 10-year-high-school reunion Megan (Kiera Knightley) realizes not much has changed in her life. When a proposal from her boyfriend takes her by surprise, Megan runs off into the night. As she begins to deal with this life-altering question, she bumps into a group of teens. She meets 16-year-old Annika (Chloë Grace Mortez) and gets drunk with Annika and her group of friends. Revealing a feeling of youth, Megan lies to her boyfriend to hang out with Annika. Laggies follows Megan and Annika through their journey and shares the struggles of growing up. With school just around the corner, Laggies is a film that can remind us all to just have fun.
Laggies arrives on HBO Max on August 1.

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After wowing crowds in theaters, Belfast is finally coming to a streaming service. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film follows a tumultuous time in Northern Ireland. Buddy, a nine-year-old boy, shares the story from his point of view. From disputes between the Protestants and the Catholics to the struggles of the working class, Belfast shares the hardships families were feeling during this time. Starring Jamie Dornan and Dame Judi Dench, Belfast is an emotional, yet beautiful film to watch this August.
Belfast comes to HBO Max on August 5.

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The Princess

The life of Princess Diana is one that captives everyone. From her rebellious style to her marriage to Prince Charles, to her untimely and tragic death, Princess Diana is someone who has captured people’s attention for decades. HBO shows the late princess’ life in a new way with their documentary The Princess. Directed by Ed Perkins, the documentary uses archival audio and video footage to bring viewers through the events of her life as they happen. The Princess immerses audiences into her life and exposes viewers to the intrusive glare the media had on her. For a new look into the life of Princess Diana, be sure to watch The Princess on HBO Max.
The Princess debuts on August 13.

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American Sniper

Rounding out the list is American Sniper. The film follows U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) as he becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. Audiences watch as he puts his life on the line during four tours in Iraq. Although his ability saves lives, it makes him the number one target for the enemies he faces. When he finally returns home, he struggles to be a good father and husband as he feels he cannot leave the war behind. American Sniper shares the hardships that come with fighting for your country in a personal and heartfelt way.
American Sniper is set to arrive on August 21.


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