What V Want: My New York by Bond No. 9

What V Want: My New York by Bond No. 9

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What V Want: My New York by Bond No. 9

Text: Trishna Rikhy

Everyone has their picturesque idea of New York City, a love story they’ve entwined themselves in surrounding the concrete jungle. New York is strong, sexy unique—and so is its scent by Bond No. 9.

Standing as the latest homage by the NYC-based perfume house to the city where dreams are made, the signature fragrance begs the question: what is your New York?

Whatever it is, ours wants to be the one bottled in My New York. The diverse neighborhoods of the city, the vibrant atmosphere, the united and resilient attitude of its inhabitants have been fused and perfectly bottled into Bond No. 9, formed in the hopeful and tough period following 9/11. Now, the company moves forward, bottling the vision of optimism and change in the future.

“I honestly never thought that New York would experience a more challenging situation than 9/11,” said Laurice Rahmé, founder and vice president of Bond No. 9. :It feels like the right moment to celebrate such a global, inclusive place with an equally inclusive fragrance. We’ve created scents for many great neighborhoods. It was about time we did something for the whole city!”

Whether you’re East Village or West Village, Bronx or Brooklyn, Tribeca or tourist, My New York conjures the magical aura of New York City. The concept merges a spectrum of memories, past, present, and future.

Think the arch in Washington Square Park, a first kiss shared under it—an homage to the future, to hope, to endless possibilities. Think the Metropolitan Museum of Art, quiet gallery spaces shared between strangers, their lives crossing paths for mere minutes. Think the Brooklyn Bridge, the rush of transport and energy that crosses it, the promise of skyscrapers on one side and wide avenues on the other. It all coalesces into the feeling of I’m home, the thrilling sense of belonging in New York.

And while My New York embodies what captures the spirit of the city, it (thankfully) leaves out the abandoned pizza slices on the tracks of the 6 train and the waft of bagels from your bodega. Instead, “this scent is abstract,” according to Rahmé. “It’s sexy and spicy, just like New York.”

At once completely unfamiliar yet as known as the back of your hand—just like the city itself—perfumer Michel Almairac built an unorthodox yet sophisticated unisex fragrance with energizing bursts of ginger and pink pepper, spiraling down into a rich rose heart and lush sandalwood, cashmeran and patchouli base.

“Yes, it is unisex, and yes, it has rose, which some people feel is traditionally feminine, but even Napoleon wore a cologne with rose notes!” quipped Rahmé.

The awesome fragrance comes with equally as spectacular and energetic packaging, consisting of various flags—among them Japan, Great Britain and Mexico—overlaid by cursive handwriting, a nod to the intimacy of My New York.

Shop My New York at Bond No. 9 New York boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide, select Bloomingdale’s stores, Harrods UK, Selfridges UK and at www.bondno9.com.

Credits: Images via Bond No. 9


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