Fashion trends are constantly being recycled, but implementing sustainable resources and practices into the mainstream is not considered the industry standard. Prada has always been fluent in the language of timelessness, introducing staple pieces that are meant to be adored and styled for years on end. And now, the luxury house is stepping into a new realm, one that fuses the house’s refined tradition with regard to the future.

Fine jewelry possesses a truly special quality in that it is often perceived as more than a complementary bauble but a keepsake to be treasured and passed down for generations. Many cherish ornamented lockets or dazzling broaches as lifelong mementos–demonstrating how elevated jewelry transcends trends. Interpreting this concept through the Prada lens, the house introduces its Eternal Gold collection, the first fully sustainable fine jewelry range by a global luxury brand. All of the gold used in the collection is certified recycled gold as established by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Additionally, each step of the ornate production process is completely retraceable. And by reducing the mining of new gold, Prada looks toward a brighter tomorrow.

Necklace PRADA Fine Jewelry Eternal Gold Triangle Necklace (Made-to-order) (Price available upon request, available at select PRADA boutiques)

Drawing upon the beloved Prada triangle silhouette–an undeniably recognizable emblem of tradition–this collection reconceptualizes the shape through exaggerated clasps and bul- bous oversized pendants. In the Prada universe, elegance does not need to be sacrificed for responsibility, proving that all that glitters can also be everlasting.

This feature appears in the pages of V142: now available for purchase!

Photography Damien Ropero 

Makeup Loraine Léger using CHANEL BEAUTY Creme Body

Model Colombe Akiwacu (Sport Models) 

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