It’s the bag heard around the world. When the reimagined Speedy appeared on the arm of then-pregnant music superstar Rihanna in Louis Vuitton’s men’s spring/summer 2024 campaign, the fashion world got its first official look into the LV world according to Pharrell, the maison’s newly appointed men’s creative director. Revealed days before the multihyphenate’s highly anticipated, star-studded debut show (hosted at the historical Pont Neuf in Paris,) the bag was an automatic addition to luxury lovers’ must-have lists and Pinterest dream bag boards. Just after its premiere, the new Speedy was spotted on A-listers such as Tyler the Creator, Jacob Elordi, and Lebron James—just to name a few.

($9,300, available at select Louis Vuitton stores)

With all that being said, one would think “What the hell makes this version of the Speedy so special?” It’s storied past, of course. The Speedy silhouette was introduced in 1930—right when Louis Vuitton was solidifying itself as the premiere luxury luggage brand—and served as a smaller version of its larger sibling, the popular Keepall bag. But it wasn’t until the 1960s when Hollywood icon and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn requested a bag that was good for everyday wear yet small enough for her petite frame, as fashion folklore would have it, that it turned into the pop icon it is today. Now, over 90 years later, Pharrell offers his take on the bag, after the many cultural figures of the Y2K era helped bring the arm candy to new levels of desirability (we’re looking at you, Paris Hilton.)

In addition to this latest remix, the Speedy now comes in its ultimate form, as Pharrell created a super rare, yellow crocodile version—complete with a solid gold chain strap and diamond-encrusted padlock (and an estimated price tag of $1 million), it’s been dubbed “the Millionaire” bag. But until you’re ready to drop seven figures on a bag, we suggest opting for this more readily available version to store all your everyday belongings in unbeatable style.

This story appears in the pages of VMAN 52: now available for purchase!

Photography Damien Ropero

Set Design Yasmine Leutwyler

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