What You Can Do to Help Haiti Right Now

Here are some organizations you can donate to provide direct relief to Haiti.

Southwestern Haiti was hit with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Saturday, August 14th, with more than 1,200 confirmed deaths and around 300,000 people injured. According to NPR, the death toll is guaranteed to climb, and rescue teams are still attempting to locate survivors. 


Haiti is known for experiencing destructive earthquakes, as it sits on a fault line between two tectonic plates. Last weekend’s earthquake comes only 12 years after their last destructive earthquake, which was a 7.2 magnitude. 


Haiti is left in a state of devastation and need, as the country is still reeling from the assassanation of president Jovenel Moïse in June, and anticipating a severe tropical depression this upcoming week. We’re listing ways you can help and donate down below.


CNN’s Impact Your World

Promoting different organizations to donate to, CNN has compiled a list of donation options that go directly to Haiti’s Earthquake Relief. Funds will be allocated towards food, shelter and more. 


Unicef is currently accepting funds while working on the ground in Haiti. They are working with government and non-government partners to aid local communities severely affected by the earthquake. You can donate here.

Hope for Haiti

A non-profit organization, Hope for Haiti has compiled a long-term and short-term response list to the most recent disaster. They are currently accepting donations to provide emergency kits and supplies to make their goals, which includes an estimated $60 million dollars in need distributed. Donate here.

Core Response

Core rapidly sent a response team on the ground in Haiti, and are now raising funds to support Haitians, remove rubble and provide long-term support. You can donate here.


With a goal to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti, Fonkoze is providing direct relief to those in need right now. You can donate here or volunteer in support.

Doctors Without Borders

Also working on the ground in Haiti right now, Doctors Without Borders is treating the injured in Haiti along with raising emergency funds and donating supplies. Become a monthly donor here. 

Food for the Poor

Hosting multiple donation drives in South Florida, Food for the Poor is compiling donations of food, hygiene and first-aid items that will be directly sent to Haiti. Click here for more information.

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