When I Get Home Gets an Update from Solange

Solange announces an extended Director’s Cut of her album’s accompaniment.

Just a few months ago, Solange Knowles single-handedly sent the world into a daze of self-reflection with the release her highly anticipated album, When I Get Home. The overly ambitious project is a two-for-one deal, featuring a staggering count of 19 tracks and a short film that served as a scrapbook commemorating her Houston roots, chronicling her past, present and future home. The project also explored themes of personal growth and evolution, forcing us all as consumers to evaluate how much of our previous selves we have taken or left behind in the process of evolving. 

But just when you thought Solange gave us everything we needed the first time around, When I Get Home proves to be the gift that keeps on giving. Today, Solange has announced an extended Director’s Cut of her original art film, featuring new scenes and musical arrangements. The film will be screened across the world’s most renowned museums and Contemporary Arts institutions in the United States and Europe, like New York’s very own Brooklyn Museum.

 See the premiere dates and viewing venues below. The extended Director’s Cut will be released digitally and on streaming services August 5.

When I Get Home

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