Where To Stay in Ibiza if You’re Not Insane

If you’re looking for somewhere to take refuge from all the wildness and partying on the famed Spanish island, Cas Gasi is the ultimate place to be.

Ibiza summons a lot of different imagery for a lot of different people. Perhaps most prevalently, at least for us in the US, it’s pictures of Paris Hilton or Steve Aoki, surrounded by crowds of twenty-somethings who are high on life, friendship, and maybe ecstasy. For those of us in our late twenties and beyond, this particular portion of the island’s culture is hell on earth.

 Enter: the rest of the island. Before becoming Europe’s party capital, Spain was actually positioning Ibiza as a family-oriented vacation destination. While driving across its arid lands or alongside the Mediterranean beaches, you’ll understand why.

 Boutique hotel and general embodiment of heaven on earth, Cas Gasi, has become the go-to for those who want a fuller, richer, and exponentially quieter experience on the island. Located in Santa Gertrudis, the welcoming and luxurious oasis feels like a home away from home, if your home is full of staff that know you by your first name, not to mention what you’d probably like to eat as well as whether or not you will show up for the free yoga class in the morning. Speaking of eating, their restaurant is comprised of dishes determined by what’s been grown in the hotel’s very own garden, where they also produce their own olive oil. It’s pricey but worth it. It was, in fact, so good that I did not leave the hotel for another restaurant once. Actually, I only left the hotel once in the entirety of my stay there.

Fellow guests will spend their days by the pool, sipping on local wines or trying different healthy snacks off the menu. The owner’s Hungarian sheepdog walks around leisurely as chickens foot about and cluck around the gardens. It is a proper blend of rurality, luxury, proximity to the sea and the convenience of a nearby city.

The rooms and villas themselves are each additional little treasures that make ever leaving the boutique hotel feel unimaginable. The newest room comes complete with a perfectly positioned patio and dizzying views of the Balearic countryside, a private, walled backyard for some sunbathing (in the nude, if you’d like), an outdoor bed, standalone bathtub, and fresh fruits from the gardens each and every day.

For those unfamiliar with the Spanish islands, such as myself, Cas Gasi will come as a huge and pleasant surprise. It was so incredibly tranquil and by far one of the most nourishing places I’ve ever visited (for both the body and mind). Apparently, there were also a few celebs hanging around without my noticing because I was too busy feeling blessed. So there’s that, but also so much more.

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