White Lotus Season 3 Is Coming

White Lotus Season 3 Is Coming

White Lotus Season 3 Is Coming

Where in the world will it be?

Where in the world will it be?

Text: Zizi Strater

The White Lotus, the hit HBO anthology series from creator Mike White, has officially been renewed for a third season, and the internet has already begun to speculate what the third installment will have in store for viewers.

Now on its second season, the first installment of the show focused on a handful of guests as they enjoy – or attempt to enjoy – their stay at the luxurious hotel that is The White Lotus. Over the course of their stay, there are dramatic fights between families, a love connection brewing between a guest and an employee, and a drugged-out hotel manager trying to keep everything in line. With that as the backdrop, the show opens a dialogue about race, class, and privilege, specifically focusing on white upper-class tourism and its negative impacts on Native Hawaiian communities.

The current season, still airing weekly on Sundays, differs from the Hawaiian scenery as it takes place in Sicily, Italy. This time around, there are still fights between families and couples, but with the addition of Italian sex workers, employee-employer disagreements, and cheating scandals. The conversations had this season differ from the political implications of the first season and focuses more on male privilege, toxic masculinity, and the social politics of sex work. All leading up to the murder of an unknown victim, which was teased in the first episode.

Due to its aspirational nature and its willingness to put itself at the center of major social conversation, the show has quickly become a hit among viewers of all ages. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Jennifer Coolage, who plays Tanya McQuoid in both seasons, is the star of the show.

As soon as the internet heard about the news, there was instant speculation on where the third season would take place. With a little sleuthing, netizens found out that the show is exclusively filmed at Four Seasons resorts. So they began looking for Four Seasons locations that would be of interest to viewers and showrunners alike.

One of their ideas was to have a ski lodge season somewhere like Vail or the Alps. This could be interesting due to the fact the first two seasons were somewhere warm and beachy, and a snowy location brings with it new interesting plot points like an avalanche, snowmobile accident, or ski lift fiasco.

Although that is the most popular idea online for what season three could be, others have brought up an Australian setting, Dubai, or Singapore. All three of those places could bring in the new political climates of their regions and deal with topics American and European settings couldn’t.

There is one thing everyone has agreed upon, though, and that is that Jennifer Coolage needs to be in every season regardless of the location.

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