#whitney #selfie

#whitney #selfie

Text: Natasha Stagg

Last night (December 11th) V attended the Whitney's studio party after the annual gala (postponed due to Hurricane Sandy). The theme seemed to be (surprise!) online interactivity: we painted screens using a new Microsoft program, and viewed Polaroid-sized printed Intagram shots by Whitney-featured artists being auctioned off. $2.7 million was raised.

Although not all the pics were selfies, the directional towards a self-located stamp was clear: most of the Whitney's current exhibitions focus on emotive-iconography of some type—see "Sinister Pop", "Richard Artschwager!" and "Wade Guyton OS". These and the "Artport" exhibiitions help to create a conversation around social media that involves its predecessors, its celebrities and its detractors, but mostly its implications of self-involvment.


1990s Pool Party