Who to Follow on Depop

Navigating the wild and wonderful world of online secondhand shopping.

I’m a huge fan of Depop. I use the app to sell my own clothes, but I’ve also found that the constant hunt for unique pieces satisfies my scrolling addiction and my online shopping addiction – without breaking the bank. Also, buying vintage or secondhand clothing is sustainable and fun.

I’ve gotten lots of questions from my friends about who to follow on Depop and how to find clothes that are *actually* wearable. The app is notoriously difficult to navigate, and for those who want to cut down on their time searching for stellar pieces, I’ve made a list of the best creators to follow for fabulous fashion.


Miaou Archive

Miaou, our favorite hit brand with Euphoria-inspired Y2K clothing, has an online archive on Depop where they sell their sample pieces and more for less than they do on their site. They sell out pretty quickly, but it’s definitely worth checking out to find a never-before-seen take on one of their insta-famous pieces.



Singulier is one of my personal favorites for unique vintage pieces.  Most pieces are masculine-chic and French-inspired, and I’ve gotten some really interesting going-out pieces from them. They also post super frequently, so every time you check your feed there’s going to be new pieces.


Crystal Trevern

Crystal Trevern is my absolute favorite shop on Depop – it’s a one-stop shop for everything from vintage Dior bikinis, the cheapest Fendi baguettes you’ll ever find, and insane vintage Cavalli party pants.



Nitryl is the best place on Depop to buy your accessories. They have the widest collection of vintage inspired accessories to help you achieve an Iris Law or Devon Lee Carlson-inspired look, and their vintage Chanel sunnies and mini bags will make you look like Lily-Rose Depp. The prices are relatively scattered, but on the whole cheaper than alternatives such as ReBag or TheRealReal.


Dutch Fonzie

Dutch Fonzie is already elite because it’s approved by Bella Hadid, another Depop aficionado. It’s the best place to find wacky Y2K-inspired partywear, and provides everything from Gaultier ’99-style mesh tops to tropical-printed bikinis. Their collection of funky going-out tops is practically boundless.


Kiko Vintage

Kiko Vintage collection has an understated NYC-in-the-early-2000’s vibe to it. Most pieces would look perfect on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, with insane Mandarin-collars and denim mini skirts.


Enduring Kairos

Enduring Kairos is one of my personal favorites. The shop is ______ of handmade Ancient Greek-inspired designs, and based in San Francisco. They have beautiful silk slip dresses, blazer sets, and gorgeous patterned mini skirts.

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