Why Rebuilding your Image is More than Just Good Looks, as per Mena Garcia

Why Rebuilding your Image is More than Just Good Looks, as per Mena Garcia


Why Rebuilding your Image is More than Just Good Looks, as per Mena Garcia

A person’s image is about much more than looks. It portrays confidence, self-care, and respectability. In the business world, image is especially important as a person wants to come across as a good job candidate. This also applies to entrepreneurs as they will likely be dealing with other organizations when starting their business.

Mena Garcia is well aware of this, which is why this top image consultant works with clients on their overall appearance. She covers hair, skin, makeup, wardrobe, nails, and even the colors that are most flattering on people. And this authority figure knows image, as she modes in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and trained at the prestigious London Image Institute. For those lucky enough to book Mena, rest assured, you will be working with the best in the business.

The first step for a new client is an interview. This lets Mena understand what each person is going through at the moment, learn about their lifestyle, familiarize herself with their goals, and get an idea of their communication style. As we are all individuals, Mena understands there is not a universal solution when it comes to polishing an image. This is why she customizes a solution for every client. Not only does this deliver optimal results, it boosts a person’s confidence even further.

Mena never tries to turn people into something they are not; her mantra is to help each client be the best version of themselves. Improving your image falls under self-care, which is a path to self-esteem. After the interview, Mena evaluates each person’s style, as this is usually a mix of several different profiles, and tapers it as much as possible. The customized style is matched up to a client’s body type, shape, proportions, and silhouette. With information obtained during these steps, Mena can help people find the perfect clothing to match inside and out.

The next step is a face analysis to harmonize each person’s features with flattering accessories, hairstyles, and even eyewear such as glasses. The last part, color analysis, is Mena’s favorite part of image rebuilding. With unique training in determining a person’s palette and season, she can help clients find shades of any color that will look flattering on them.  A prime example: anyone can wear red, it’s all about finding the right shade of red. As an image consultant, Mena pulls people out of their comfort zones to deliver striking results.

As this service is about so much more than looks, Mena works with clients to improve verbal and nonverbal communication. She addresses how people walk, speak, gesture, and use body language. In fact, Mena considers this one of the most important aspects of her job. Finally, she helps people improve their digital presence through social media and even dating profiles. 

With the goal of building lasting relationships, Mena offers monthly follow-ups for 12 months at no additional charge. She knows life can throw us curveballs and wants to help her clients overcome any unexpected circumstances. Mena doesn’t just know image, she knows people, and this is why her brand of image consultation is such a tremendous success.


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