Why Tabayer Jewelry Is an E-Commerce Anomaly

Why Tabayer Jewelry Is an E-Commerce Anomaly

We all know the stigma attached to entry-level high-end luxury brands in e-commerce.

We all know the stigma attached to entry-level high-end luxury brands in e-commerce.

Text: Thomas Herd

“There’s simply no viability”, as consumers need to touch and feel a brand in person before they can purchase at a high MSRP.

Well, that’s not always the case, as luxury jewelry newcomer Tabayer is demonstrating. Tabayer’s CEO and Founder Nigora Tabayer has innovated solutions to make her luxury price point line an undeniable success.

Born in Central Asia and raised with an international upbringing—she has called New York City, Miami, London, and Paris home—Nigora Tabayer created her line through a global and progressive lens and with a set of values that could attract a wide range of jewelry consumer. She champions womanhood, individuality, strength and savvy, and she translates these traits into what she conceives.

Tabayer’s The Eye Collection—which has emerged as a red carpet favorite for a wide range of stars from supermodels like Elsa Hosk to movie stars like Eva Longoria—presents a blend of beautiful aesthetics (often inspired by nature, travel, and art) with a protective, safeguarding element, whether that be through symbolism, storytelling, or otherwise. You can check out the elegant and nuanced designs at www.tabayer.com.

Nigora’s approach is to create pieces that fit the lifestyle of a modern woman and to make fine jewelry that is wearable and practical and intended to exist in the day-to-day. Her haute couture-trained eye and her dynamic background shape the process, and the results are pieces that capture more than just the brilliance of gemstones. They reflect the layers of her and the wearer’s personality, in shades of striking white, rich green or ocean blue.

Such attention to detail creates depth that most modern-day jewelry lines lack, and as a result, can be appreciated by the most discerning of customers while at the same time remaining appealing to jewelry enthusiasts far and wide.

Such accommodating positioning—to aspirational as well as landed consumers—and the ability to execute on a multi-layered design blueprint has allowed Tabayer to thrive in e-commerce at a time when most entry-level luxury brands never catch a foothold.


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