Why We're All To Blame For HiddleSwift

Why We're All To Blame For HiddleSwift

Why We're All To Blame For HiddleSwift

Sure, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship might be fake, but why do you care?

Sure, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship might be fake, but why do you care?

Text: Grace Walker

The internet brews drama. It's fueled by a continuous pouring of rumors, controversy and sticky secrets into a melting pot of shaky uncertainty—and the spotlight usually focuses on a select clique of celebrities. The latest of note is, of course, the questionable pairing of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. After their Cinderella-reminiscent dance at the MET gala, followed by a tsunami of sickeningly cute couple shots, the duo has became social media's most recent target. Every empty click surfaces new doubts concerning how real—or fake—the unsuspected relationship is.

However, in the superficial haze of gossip, perspective is often thwarted. The most interesting aspect of the HiddleSwift relationship is not found in its legitimacy, but in the fact that everyone seems to actually care. And by care, we refer to the extensive—and downright ridiculous—strings of conspiracy pulling at every brittle seam of the supposed coupling. Theories span from publicity for Taylor’s new album to Tom striving to become the new Bond. It may go without saying, but there’s also a key Kanye ingredient to the mix, which is as puzzling and long-winded as you’d expect.


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Though seemingly disconnected to an apparent romance, we should think of Yeezy and his controversial “Famous” video from a similar standpoint. Fired up by aggressive and persistent social media posts, the rapper was quite literally asking people to “sue [him] already.” Despite being different in nature, Taylor and Tom are mutually using morphed imagery to spur on publicity—for whichever reason is genuine. Frankly, if the immediacy of the post-Calvin Harris relationship didn't inflict suspicion, Tom posing in a "I heart TS" t-shirt on July 4th should have been enough to confirm the pairing to be intricately planned by PRs. Unless, unbelievably, it's pure coincidence the stars have been exclusively "caught" by the same photography agency (in perfect close shots) on each sweet occasion.

Whatever the ammunition, the pair have ultimately achieved their aim. Each moaning article and unfounded theory feeds right into their media-crafting hands, awarding them sacred headlines and popularity. And yet, to say that the media is entirely to blame for the constant fuel to this hellfire is not entirely fair; magazines and websites report on celebrity behavior because, the truth is, it gets the most clicks—meaning it's what people want to read about. The question is, why?

Regardless, the unescapable truth remains that the fundamentals of fame pivot around publicity. By obsessing over one of the aforementioned theories, we indirectly encourage more gossip and uncertainty on the celeb stage (this story included). In addition, harboring feelings of suspicion or offense is time-wasting and irrelevant. Super celebrities, and Taylor Swift in particular, have built their entire public images from attention grabbing photography and closely crafted publicity.

Furthermore, if the socially-accepted adage is true, that A-Listers "signed up for this," then said celebrities should have every right to interpret (read: exploit) that oft-employed, but entirely weak, counterargument at their pleasure. Here the very intelligent Taylor Swift is simply manipulating the intrinsically-intrusive pact with the public to her benefit. If she has to lose something, then she might as well gain more in the process.

Sure, HiddleSwift adorns the twinkling PR crown today, but rest assured, another star is polishing off the finishing touches to their imminent social media storm as we speak.


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