Wild Calling: Hannah Weiland of Shrimps Says No To Real Fur

Wild Calling: Hannah Weiland of Shrimps Says No To Real Fur

Wild Calling: Hannah Weiland of Shrimps Says No To Real Fur

The playful line is taking faux fur to the next level.

The playful line is taking faux fur to the next level.

Text: Danielle Combs

Each fashion season marks the turning point where designers are able to display their newest conceptions—allowing purveyors to witness fashion conceived in an entirely new light that may have seemed unfathomable to create. London-based designer Hannah Weiland is ushering in a new era by embracing faux fur wholeheartedly with her dreamy and playful line, Shrimps. Now that fashion is making a noticeable shift to stop the use of real fur, Weiland is aligning herself with the movers and shakers of the industry seeking to design with the cruelty-free fabric. In an exclusive interview for V, Weiland talks about her reasoning for using faux fur, why the Queen is one of her style icons and her love for color.

Describe the first instance you knew you wanted to become a fashion designer.

There wasn't an exact moment, it was more of a build up, I always loved fashion, textiles, art and color and fashion design was the best way for me to combine my love of all those things.

Where were you born, and has that influenced your designs or perception of style? 

I was born in London, it has definitely influenced my designs, it’s such a creative city, with so many amazing exhibitions—there is inspiration available everywhere at all times.

Did you attend a design school? If so, how has that shaped your perspective or allowed to grow? 

Yes I studied textile design at London College of Fashion and I also studied history of art at Bristol before that. They both shaped everything I have done and allowed me to develop my techniques and influences which are now at the heart of Shrimps.

Your line embraces faux-fur wholeheartedly, which is sometimes rare for designers. What inspired you to embrace a label that breaks traditional fashion molds? 

Faux fur is such a versatile, luxurious fabric—there are endless opportunities and techniques to experiment with, it really is the best fabric. 

Your AW17 look book is pastel perfection and is a unique take on how the modern woman can dress. What inspired this collection? 

AW17 was inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois, her textural red and white checks and linear life drawings, as well as the artist herself, her sense of style and strong personality. The palette color was inspired by the Dutch still life painter Rachel Rusych and the fields of Scotland, moss greens, and luxurious creams. 

Describe the design process when creating a collection. 

I start with research, I go to art exhibitions, read books, go to antique markets, inspiration can be found anywhere, but my main source is always art. I then select my color palette and start designing the fabrics and styles then it all evolves from there.

Who are your current style icons and have they influenced your designs? 

I was just on a recent trip to Copenhagen and for AW17 I designed a shoe collaboration with Danish brand Ganni. All the Danish girls are my current style icons and I love their relaxed, colorful sense of style. Another style icon that I’ve always loved is the Queen, I love her color themed outfits, and she’s a very British bird of paradise.

Your designs are beautiful and playful. As a designer, how would you advise or want the women purchasing your pieces to style them?

Playful is such a nice way to dress and be, but I’d say that they should style them however they want!



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