Will Drake’s New “Toosie Slide” be the next dance craze?

Learn the new dance moves to “Toosie Slide” with Drake.

Instead of pushing back his song release, Drake adapted to his environment with the new track “Toosie Slide.” Toosie sliding throughout the house in the music video, the rapper gives fans a tour of his mega-mansion in Toronto — undeniably not the direction the rapper had planned for this song months prior. 

Originally, dancers Toosie, Hiii Key, and Ayo & Teo were supposed to appear in the music video alongside Drake. Despite extenuating circumstances, the dancers still contributed to this project by making the song go viral prior to its release. Choreographing catchy dance moves for the hook, Drake raps, “It go right foot up, left foot slide/Left foot up, right foot slide/Basically I’m saying either way, we ’bout to slide.” By providing the next dance craze, Drizzy is hoping for a Tik Tok takeover as the platform is proving to be a successful marketing app for artists during the period quarantine.

Drake gave a solo-performance of this dance while of course being dressed to the nines. The rapper’s face was partially covered with a ski mask as he vibed around his deserted estate in a $47,000 archived Camo Bomber from Raf Simons. Before coming to an end, the Theo Skudra-directed video erupts in a colorful firework finale. 

The music industry may be on pause, but “Toosie Slide” is on replay. Learn the dance moves, down below.


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