Wilson Sportswear Launches Lifestyle Collection

The new Sportswear line is exclusively available in the U.S. and China with upcoming special collections.

Wilson is now in the fashion game: the iconic sports’ gears brand has just launched its first lifestyle clothing line, marking the next step of their evolution in the athletic world. The collection combines action, fashion, and culture, taking inspiration from its own heritage as a global sports symbol. 

The Wilson Sportswear line is set to drop new items bi-weekly and already promises upcoming special collabs that converse with major sports moments. “Wilson has long been a leader in sports equipment, and our entry into sportswear was a natural progression of that success,” Wilson Lifestyle president Gordon Devin told V. “We owed it to our athletes and brand fans; we would’ve been remiss not to take the opportunity to cater to the athletic-minded consumer in a more holistic way.”

The collection brings together comfort and style for men and women with pieces in black, white, grey, red, and blue – including sweatshirts, joggers, and shorts. Most designs feature minimalist striped motifs, giving it a modern look.

“For Wilson there is a huge responsibility to honor that tradition and to design the best pieces possible for the athlete inside of us all,” Wilson Lifestyle head of design Joelle Michaeloff told V. “We were the first to do so many things surrounding sport – we have the luxury to pull from our rich history and develop the next generation of these categories.”

Photo courtesy of Wilson.

Michaeloff explained that for this first collection they wanted to create designs that could solve everyday needs from a practical point of view – using “sweat-proof” and comfortable materials, for example – but that would also look like something you would actually want to wear outside of a sports-setting. “We really set out to blur the lines of fashion and function – and solve for both,” she said. 

The first drop is available exclusively at Wilson.com in the U.S. and on WeChat and other sites in China. The brand is planning to expand the line with accessories such as socks, bags, and hats, and to open new stores in Chicago, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, and more, where visitors will be able to experience the world of sport and try new sportswear and equipment items firsthand.  

Photo courtesy of Wilson.

The debut of Wilson Sportswear also marks the expansion of the brand’s Advisory Staff network, a group of more than 10,000 professional athletes, coaches, and other sports specialists, to include experts in other areas that overlap with sports culture – such as designer Beija Velez, musician Kelley James, and Jahmal Cole, founder of the non-profit My Block, My Hood, My City. 

Learn more about the Wilson Sportswear line on Wilson.com.

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